Well as first entries in a journal have to go… I have to say this won’t be most memorable one but I’m just gonna pretend like I’m continuing on from one of my other journals (so work with me here lol).

I do need to keep up with my journal, it’s my New Year’s Resolution to myself. You know why? Because it’ll help keep me thinking. I’ve found myself becoming content and not … oh what’s the word (see my point)… not excercising my brain as much. Keeping up my journal will at least keep me audible and thinking…especially since I’m overly critical of how I write things.

My other goal for this year is to keep up my weight training. I enjoy it, I just feel out of my pattern when I took up that second job in October. I was good for a while but began missing my home time and forsaked my training time between jobs to spend that 30mins at home with my beau while he was awake and sober. I really have a fire to do it, just need to get my motivation going. Tomorrow is the brand new day to make myself start again. I wish I had a symbolic “bikini” to hang on my wall to motivate myself, but the closest thing I can come up with is an image of a boy I wished I looked like…and that to me is a bit far-fetched.

But if I could look like anyone it would be Brent Corrigan. So beautiful, my dream guy. I need more of him in my porn library *sigh*.

Work went well today, promotions were actually fun, and coming back from 3 days off I’ve found people have done tasks for me as a way to relieve me. I see that as a great sign of respect and I’m flattered.I really put a dent into the damaged and such today…especially considering the holiday markdowns and events pushed me back 3 weeks.

Just a note, Greg is hot!! >> Just don’t tell Samantha : P

Tonight was another quiet night at home. Which is a thankful thing, since oddly Russ and I have had our differences lately about miniscule things. Not sure whether it’s me or him but it’s happened regardless.

I’m soooo thankful the new season (or episodes) of programs are coming into play. Past seasons of Amazing Race being run on the Game Show Network shouldn’t be my excitement coming home.I originally thought “Grease: You’re the One that I Want” was going to be kinda campy and stupid (which truthfully, I kinda thought about “Grease” as a whole, ). But I’m a musical theatre fan and watched it anyway, and even despite the stupid “you’re the one I want..” suspense line, I really enjoyed and got interested in watching this show. Really anticipating it. : D

And as any new season of shows comes, my lack of a dual-tuner tivo.. I have to make a choice when things coincide. Whoah, big decision here (the suspense is crazy), the “Desperate Housewives” or “Apprentice: LA”? Sorry Tracy (my ‘Housewives” bud at work), I’m going to have to go with the Apprentice.

I’m a Reality- freak and the personal aspect and getting to know people and their ways (even if it is edited) excites me. And the business oriented aspect of watching these people interact excites me like it did last season. The only thing I was really looking forward to on “Housewives” was seeing where Bree’s and her son’s storyline would end up. Here’s hoping I can catch reruns later. Sorry Tracy ><.

Just finished watching a new “Drake and Josh”. Mmmm Drake Bell is just too hot. Last night Russ finally spent his Xmas money from his sis and got him a new DVD player and the “Pirates of the Caribbean II” DVD. He also let me have my choice of something as a Xmas present (since I was presentless from him — he just didn’t think we had the money, and hey, I control the finances so I know he would have had to fight hard not for me to notice). I decided on getting the “High School Musical” Remix DVD and am so happy with my choice. I believe it’s gonna be on my “watch anytime” movie list soon. Such a fun and timeless movie. We were hoping to get it in widescreen but after I think 5 dvd renditions of it and still being in full screen.

Zac Efron is freaking hot and it’s just too sweet. Well I guess I believed I’ve wrote enough.

Night all! And I’ll end this like I usually ended my former blogs with a quote I heard today.

Quote of the Day: “…and we’ll call it ‘Cup of Stuff’!”