Gah. Ive been so grumpy this morning and I hate feeling this way. Especially since this is my last off day this week… was wanting to get some things done like I did on Wednesday. Got this feeling right in the center of my head like there’s a pressure there…an idea or worry pressing on me that I haven’t recognized and is trying to gain my attention.

Didn’t go to the gym this morning like I was hoping but it wouldn’t have been a good experience considering my mindset. And what’s funny is I say, “my mindset”, but I’m not really sure what my mindset is…it’s just that pressure keeping me from having a positive feeling. Blah

Russ got a call from his friend’s mom the night before catching up. We hadn’t seen her since our friend Derek’s Christmas party the year before. The short and long was that she was finally getting a divorce from her slob of a boyfriend. Such a good thing for her. Anyways, she asked if we could come by Derek’s the next night as a surprise and hang out and catch up. He said we would and surprisingly enough he came home and pulled through. We showered together, got dressed and headed out to eat. He let me choose and we went to the Roadhouse for dinner before heading over to his place. My lord there are some beautiful bois who work at that place.

We arrive at Derek’s to find out his mother left about 5 minutes before we arrived literally because she wasn’t feeling well or something,. Later we find out she’s feeling loads better now simply because she finally made her husband get those divorce papers. She literally picked them up at the courthouse with a smile on her face and excitement in her heart.

As for the rest of the night, it was a very fun night of conversation. We rarely get out to be social and it was much neeeded.

We did finally get to watch “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. Very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone. Very cerebral and the special effects added so much to the story without making things over the top.

We were there from 5 to about 2:30am and Russ’ energy stayed strong the whole night. Was a very fun night. I was hoping we’d leave about 10ish and maybe go to the club, but this social experience with Derek and his beau was very fulfilling.. a good night.

It’s now Saturday and I have another couple of hours before going into work. Bah I need to eat ^^ Talk to ya soon!

“When you put so much effort into hating your day job, it’s easy not to notice you’re learning something.” Dead Like Me – “Vacation”