What a long frickin’ night at work. Usually when I’m working on my job specific areas it just flies by, but when we’re short-handed and I’m pulling work in the main spots it just drags. Well, thankfully it’s over. One more day of the clearance sale and it’ll calm down again thankfully.

Both Wade and Greg were there today and I couldn’t have done any more drooling. Greg with his tight shirt and tight little bod, or Wade with his thin white shirt showing the outline of his tank top underneath, leaving me to imagine the shaps and curves of his torso. *sigh* and *yum*


I know it’s a couple of weeks late but I want to go ahead and put down my resolutions for the year to come. I don’t really believe I’ll be able to keep up with them all, as I’ve never been completely faithful to the concept of a resolution (then again, who else has..).

First I want to keep up with my gym time and work out regimine. I was doing pretty good for about 8 months straight, then I took on that second job for about 4 months and fell out of the swing. I’ve started again and am so happy I have. I’m feeling better about myself and my future.

Next I want to keep up with my journal as I mentioned earlier. I really enjoy the writing and the consistent putting words down will help keep my mind fresh. Not to mention I can look back on things as I need them. I’m still considering bringing my past blog entries into this one. I havent seen that option yet but I’m sure I can. The ease of adjusting this blog is just to tomepting not to love.

And finally I want to start investing myself back into my faith and craft. I’ve fallen into a deep slump of almost forgetting the little things of my beliefs that build it’s character and depth and that’s sad. I’m vowing to put in at least an hour’s worth of studying a day. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick to it, but I sure will give it a try.


I’m still trying to decide on a time to take down the tree. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to do it yet. I’ll probably do it during one of the final days of this month.

Well, fits of tiredness are coming upon me so I guess I’ll call it a night.