Just got through watching the latest episode of “Grease: You’re the One that I Want” and for anyone that’s on the wavelength that I am… Austin Miller is the freakin’ hot talented bomb. ^^ Which I’m sure whoever is editing the show was hoping for. Just wanted to put his name down in a tangible form because I haven’t been able to find anything yet. I was hoping some hotshot put his scenes up on YouTube already, but alas I haven’t found them.

If anyone finds anything let me know : P

In other news today Greg offered me his chicken bites, which seemed to me like a big step in getting to know him. He reached out to me at that point and I was like ‘wow, he doesn’t dislike me’. He actually smiled too! I know I’m in a relationship and there’s no doubt that he’s heard about it by now (not to mention he’s straight and has a girlfriend)… but the attention from him is nice and I hope to interact with him more.

Russ was wonderful today. We went to the mall to eat and boywatch (which is so fun and romantic at the same time)… you’d just have to know how open and secure we are together. Then we walked around and Russ actually got new clothes!!! *gasp* He and I were so excited (or he was just faux-excited because I was. Either way I don’t care.).

Well, the rest of the week I work a basic midshift 930 till 6pm and I really don’t want to be at the gym at 7ish so I’m gonna give getting there around 7am a try. Hopefully it’ll work out for me.

Probably the best time for me to go because I’m not wore out already, but my energy may not be all there… it may take me a bit to get my groove. But at least I’m sticking to it.

*HUGS* till tomorrow.

Thought of the night: I’ve yet to be smitten by anyone as buff as this Austin Miller, it’s still surprising to me, but man…YUM