The funniest and most heartbreaking thing happened today. Well, it’s not that bad but pretty close. Russ had just got home from work and was dressing so that we could go out, eat and grab some groceries. He started to play with TJ (our cairn terrier) and decided to hook the hanger from his shirt onto her leash harness. She fumbled around for a few minutes trying to get it off and then went running off into the living room where I expected her to lose it somewhere and come back as happy as she came.

Instead, we heard the most heartbreaking yelping and whining. I was in a temporary state of shock and Russ was all like, “move!” We ran in there and she was fine but she just couldn’t get it off of her and it scared her to death. We quickly removed it, scooped her up and gave her loving. It was the most heartbreaking yelping I’ve ever heard. Poor little girl. ; ; But she was just fine and no harm done. It just scared her that she couldn’t lose the thing.

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday because I got off around 7pmish, got to the parking lot and it was slammed. I didn’t feel like waiting on each and every machine so since I was off today I decided to combine my workouts today. Went pretty well and I saw my first hot guy in like weeks. I was beginning to think all the hot ones got scared off or something.

If anyone happened to catch the latest episonde of “The Apprentice: Los Angeles” , it got about as gay as it could get. The two teams were supposed to work with a design team and company in designing a line of swim suits for buyers to bid on. Carey, a gay and buff member of last weeks losing team, took the reigns in designing the men’s wear. What he came up with was a boy short looking spandex brief which would probably be seen in south beach somewhere versus anywhere USA. Their team lost and the numbers between the sales by the two teams was somewhere less than a thousand dollars. Finding out also that the women’s suits contributed to a mass of the sales while the men’s only worked for $300 of it. Not surprising Carey went to the boardroom and what ensued was hilarious talks of “gay suits” etc.

I also got word on who the teams are gonna be for the next Amazing Race which is going to be an All-Star edition, bringing back teams from former seasons and I have to tell you that I am super excited. Team Guido, Danny & Oswald, Unchenna & Joyce, Rob & Kim, Dave & Mary…*giddy*

Well that’s it for right now!