I just went to transfer my first load of laundry over to the dryer and it’s a sad sad day for me. While pulling items to the other machine I kept hearing this odd clanking and passed it off as the buttons from a pair of my pants hitting the metal on the side. Wasn’t even close.

I began to pull a towel out and my heart just sank. My Ipod shuffle was dangling at the end, headphones tangled around a corner. The power light doesn’t work, doesn’t play and the computer doesn’t even register it anymore. It’s absolutely dead.

That’s been my only source of music and entertainment on the road since the radio from my vehicle had gotten stolen, and was the very first item I had gotten for myself since I’d began working that second job last August.

I couldn’t help but to tear up just a little. I’m not sure how to tell Russ and not feel more stupid than I do now. Apparently, when I changed to shower at the gym yesterday I put it in my shorts pocket instead of my bag like I usually do. I knew I should’ve checked my pockets. *sigh* Lesson learned.

Rest in peace my Ipod.