Yesterday morning was kinda surreal. You see my vehicle’s tags have been expired since the end of the year. Since it’s really Russ’ vehicle I can’t just go out and get them myself. For a while I’ve been pushing Russ to run out and get them done but he’s been at home for the past few days “sick.” Russ’ ‘need to to stay home sick’ is alot different than what I consider it.

He’ll stay home for something as small as a headache and his job is very forgiving because of his prior medical history. Well anyways, like I said, i’ve been trying to get him to go out and get them for a while.

Well I get up and head out to the gym, I’m almost to the exit I need to turn off the interstate onto, and a policeman just swoops right in. I swear I was on the lookout the whole drive and the one time I take my eyes off of what’s behind me..he comes up the middle lane and swoops right in- lights a blazing.

Long story short, he let me off but let me know that in these cases the driver gets nailed and not the owner. *sigh* so when I got home last night I like literally pushed the registration in his hand and said I need this tomorrow please.

I didn’t get to go to the gym this morning because I’m just scared of getting caught again and having a $150 ticket to pay.

Besides all that mess, yeterday was alright. Long long day at work.

Best part of my day was that I finally saw a hot guy in the locker room versus all those old fat guys I’m so used to seeing. Turned the corner into the room and there he was sitting on the left, shirtless, tight little body, beautiful nipples. He already had his pants on so I was dissapointed there. If I hadn’t been pulled over I probably woulda made it into to see his whole dressing routine *cry*

Oh well, I was still honored to be in the presence of his beauty. : P