After Russ came home we decided to go out to eat at one of our favorite italian places. I had veal for the first time and wasn’t really impressed with the flavor so I don’t think i’ll be ordering it again any time soon.

On the way home Russ asked if there was anything else that I wanted to do, I couldn’t think of anything but he decided he wanted to pay a visit to a friend of ours at his workplace.

While living at our old place we had a friend in need staying with us (Jack) dealing with substance abuse and such. This friend had a coworker that he hung out with quite a bit (Danny) and was awesomely super hot, not to mention a very polite and cordial guy…only flaw is that he was straight.

Well he and our bud had a falling out, Jack moved and ended up going back to rehab and we really didn’t get to see much more of Danny after that.

Well, this friend still had some of Russ’ movies and Russ decided to pay a visit to his place of work. We dropped by and he was still there, by luck. We had a pretty good conversation. He’s still hot as hell and doing his thing. We left him Russ’ number and our address. He said he’d drop by soon with the movies and such. It was REALLY good to see him though. He is a good guy and I’m sad that we lost touch

Just finished watching the first Hawaii episode of “Top Chef” and am sooo sad that BOTH Elia and Sam were cut this round. I was hoping at least one of them would make it to the finals…but I have to deal with Marcel and Ilan. Not sure if I’ll have any heart in this finale but I guess i’ll be rooting for Marcel. He’s kinda cute in an odd sorta way, and I believe in him a whole lot more than what Ilan presents.

Either way I’m not really excited about the finale. Bring on Amazing Race: All Stars and Survivor: Fiji.