Woohoo! Another month goes by and here I am posting again. A lot has happened since my last post and believe me I wish I could forget about half of it.

It always seem like when it rains it pours, but when you’re a nice guy…typhoons seem to be the commonplace.

A big blow to our everyday life came when both our vehicles fell apart on us… well, the blazer fell apart on us, the expedition was by pure neglect. Each of us assuming the other would take care of it equalling an oil-free engine. *sigh* I admit I am at fault but by gosh he’s the automotive guy who used to always take care of that stuff in our early days. Currently figuring out how to deal with the situation at the moment.

Russ picked up a little piece of his history to aid him in his vehicular exploits until we can figure out our best way of dealing. A 70ish Ford truck that was owned by an old father-figure mentor he grew up and worked around. Very sentimental to him. I’m not sure i find the same fondness of it but hey it runs.

Here in another week or so I should have an older Tercel to drive…until then I’m getting dropped off early for work and spending my time in the Walmart entrance area playing my DS until time to head. It’s not been all that bad really, I kinda enjoy the time I have just playing the games and lounging with Ipod on.

We’ve talked about a financial scheme that may help us fix up the vehicles (with a well-learned lesson to boot), but we’re still debating. I still have stock in a company i formally worked for and need to see about getting the money from that stock and using one of my bonds. Hopefully it’ll work out ><

That’s not really been the hardest issue though. The main issue is Russ and I have had an increasing number of fights in the last month or so that has really thrown my love for him through a loop. I love him but I’m not IN LOVE with him anymore. He’s become extremely aggressive and biting during our arguments. I used to use the word “discussions” to describe our version of it but now it’s turned to full-fledged arguments/retaliations. We’ve NEVER been this way to each other and all of a sudden … eh I don’t know if i can talk anymore about this. I may touch on this a bit later when I feel I have the right words to write. For now, I’m still very happy to be with him and hope the communication we prided ourselves on returns.