Mmmm.. Popcorn.

Tis what I’m munching on as I consider how to type out the current book I have to write.

(edit…I wrote these lines above much earlier in the day when I was pondering how and what to write)..

A ton of life changes have came about and Russ keeps giving me more reasons to dislike him everyday. I am a very forgiving person…I am a very self-sacrificing person…I try my hardest to make this man happy but he always finds fault with something. I literally almost hate him at this point. I try so hard…and things just never seem to be enough. I always seem to be just short of what he’s looking for and he’s so particular about things that it just blows up in my face all the time. I’m ready to just curl up in a corner and say, “you just do everything because I screw things up.”

We just got through with a move. We got a house together with a friend of ours and her two little boys and we had our cable service changed over. For the past 3+ years we recieved “extra” channels courtesy of the guys who hooked us up (gosh knows why). The guy who hooked us up here didn’t give us the extra channels like the last two and Russ of course had a fit, even though the years before was really a courtesy we can’t really argue with considering we were getting extra channels without paying. So we decide to get the extra channels back and get them hooked up. The guy comes today and hooks up a box and a new remote for the new channels (for the previous years it was just a switch flip it seemed, but this is the actual “business-type maneuver”), allowing for other services and a program guide which i thought was pretty nifty.

Russ comes home, finds out there’s a new remote, and that…omigosh…the channels change a bit slower when flipping (even though there’s a freaking guide to look through now). “It’s not what [he] wants!” he keeps screaming. What the hell ever, what you wanted was the stations back and by hell we got them. How was i the hell to know that this wasn’t going to fit into your world. That waiting a freaking quarter of a second later during a channel scan was going to set you off. I’m almost done.

The main reason i made this move with him was because I won’t have a lease in this new place and so I won’t feel tied to the place if I don’t feel tied to him anymore. And since I’ve bought my new vehicle with my bonds I don’t have any ties to a vehicle as well. I love him, I swear I do…I just don’t know if I can live with him anymore. He is just aggravating, annoying, unhappy and I’ve been crying a helluva lot lately, tonight not being an exception. It started out so well too.

There’s just a part of me that keeps believing the old Russ will emerge. I see him every once in a while, and these last 4 days prior he was his old self lately. Since we moved here though his temperence we worked on has gone kaput and I just don’t know anymore.

I thought we were over the stupid, petty arguments…

I originally didn’t intend for my first post in this long while to be so negative. I was thinking up this grand post about my new car, the new house, the backyard by beautiful puppy can play in, the opportunity of being able to take on dad-like responsibilities, our relationship getting back on track…

…but as in any situation, the drama seems to take precedence. It’s how so many poets and writers gave their best works…not by writing about what’s right, but what’s wrong. I think we’re inherit to just have a need to spill these things out into words. When I’m happy I never have this need to write, but by gosh when everything’s wrong and i have the opportunity…you better believe I’m writing.

As far as I’m concerned at this moment I’m looking after myself.

Thank you everyone who’s reading these. I appreciate any thoughts or just the thought of a readership. I promise I will be more frequent. It will be a happy destraction.

Thought of the day: “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” is coming off my Tivo. This show has more bad karma for me than anything. Anytime we freaking watch this show we always end in an argument (guess what we were watching tonight…). He may catch it on me later and then get pissed but the way I see it, it may save us a few arguments.