It’s tax-free weekend in Tennessee at the moment and for the past day or so it seemed like noone was phased or enthused about it. We planned scheduling around it so we had a great number of folks but we were almost dead yesterday. Today was a totally different story. We were slamming like nothing and hopefully we finally made our sales goal. Not that it’s of any importance to my life considering I hate to live by the numbers. I just wanted a nice tie-in to what I really wanted to write about.

During all this deal I was helping get fitting room merchandise back presentable and returned to the sales floor and I got to work briefly with the oh-so-hot Greg. The one guy at work I would crumble for.

INTRODUCTION: Greg – Beautiful young man, probably 20ish… I haven’t really asked his age yet but he’s taking college classes. Shaggy black hair (with red patches, on purpose nonetheless), very well proportioned, probably around 5’6″. Emo comes to mind when I think of his style…but he isn’t as “extreme” as what we usually think as emo, but it gives you an indication of his look and feel.

Just a brief history. My fashion is still very similar to his although I used to have the haircut to match. I was growing it out very much like Milo Ventimiglia and was very close to matching it.

Greg and I got along well and talked rather frequently and I enjoyed being close to him.

Then a great mistake loomed over all. Russ silently wanted my hair back short and when I went in to get my sides and back cleaned up a bit I made a rash decision to cut it all off like Russ likes. Part of me wanted to see if it was the drastic change in hairstyle which may have contributed to the recent arguments and lack of “play time”. It looked good but I didn’t feel like … me…like I went from me to someone without an identity.

Anyways, when I came to work after my haircut (and what felt like losing my identity) I sort of strayed from talking with Greg. All of a sudden I felt my connection to him was lost and I stupidly felt awkward around him. Like I was a different person than the one he knew. I knew it was unfounded and probably very wrong but my social anxiety kicked in. It made me think that Greg saw me as a different person now, not a person like him. And that ultimately he wouldn’t talk with me. I regretted changing myself.

Then, today we were brought together to do some processing and we really began talking again…just like previous times. Granted, we always seem to talk about his academics…but he seems very comfortable talking with me about it. The look in his eyes feels like I’m the only one he really talks academics with… or so I’d like to think.

It was a good day. I learned that Greg would still talk to me and in an interested manner.

He is just too beautiful. Long hair i just want to latch onto…beautiful chest emphasized by form fitting shirts…hands tender, but very strong in their grasping…yum, so beautiful.

Granted right now I have a slight buzz (and forgive any misspellings, I’ll reread soon and hopefully edit them all out) but talking with him really made my day again. Even though he is straight (at least in practice at the moment), it really made me enjoy this day so much more.

Thanks all for listening to my ramblings tonight. It’s kinda random and not very well written. Most of my thoughts are based on emotion and random thoughts about the boy that drives me wild in my life outside of my relationship. Anyways, night all and here’s hoping this makes sense ^^