Today started out to be a grand day. Work went effortless, finishing up the rest of the markdowns in the remaining five departments. Helped out Tyler a bit with his moves and then went to the gym. Had a great workout.

I had decided to combine my upper and lower body workouts into one day for the next couple of weeks. I’d also been wanting to get into a spin cycle class to get my aerobic exercise that i’ve sadly been missing. I saw a class going on but was apprehensive going in because I didn’t want to get over my head. So instead of taking that plunge I went and asked a trainer about the classes and he found me a beginner class which ironically started right after the one currently going. So I ran and got something to eat and then eagerly joined the class.

I have to say this is most I’ve ever sweated, and I mean EVER. Just to show how much, I had a natural disposition that I just don’t sweat all that much and I was pouring by the time class ended. I definitely got my ass kicked and I’m glad I did and I want to do it again next week. I felt very good about it and my body.

Here in a day or two I want to post a pic of myself to track my progress and to give me a ton more incentive to work harder on the body that I want. My upper body is coming together now, my lower body has always been there, now it’s time to emphasize my midsection and aerobic exercise. I’ve got a mini-belly that I soooo want to get rid of. Mind you I’m 5’3″ 120lbs (just on the bottom edge of what my average weight should be), so I’m underweight if anything…just 5 years of doing nothing with Russ has took it’s toll. The one thing clubbing did for me was keep me dancing and my stomach flat and I lost that sitting at home.

The gym brings the same pleasure for me and I’m so glad at that.

I came home after all that and Jen let me know she had talked to some lady at her workplace about me and my signing (however rusty it may be right now) and that she’d like to talk to me about “business prospects”. This is very exciting for me considering I’m very uncertain of whether I want to continue on in retail… especially now that the position I was gunning for has been canned.

I’m pretty intimidated because I am very rusty technically and receptively. But at the very least I hope to gain some insight on what I need to do to get myself out there and doing what it is I want to do…which is sign interpreting. I jusdt need to buckle down and study more but I will definitely give this lady a call. Hopefully things will work out for me.

*crosses fingers*

Now to the bad part of the night…Russ. His back is killing him, and of course he decides to drown himself in liquor. He seems to call it a painkiller even though he is still hurting, just a bit more numb to it. Sigh…I spent the whole night dodging and softening conversations, trying to keep myself from having to deal with a drunken argument. I told him when I first came in that he needed to hold off on the drink and he “cordially” declined. So I knew it was going to be a long night. I was embarrassed to let Jenny and the boys see him in this way. I know the boys really didn’t make too much sense…but I knew Jenny knew and that saddens me.

The saddest part is I have no control over what he does. What Russ wants is what Russ gets and by gosh if you disagree, I’ve tried and it just leads to argument. I just let him fly nowadays. I’m making myself happy first.

But tomorrow is a Wednesday with the girls from work. Apparently we’re going tubing so I’ll see how that all goes. Should be fun and hopefully I’ll see alot of hot guys!

Please…please let there be hot guys!