Getting up never felt so good this morning. I was so ready to go out with the girls today to the tubing place!

Just a note, I have never tubed down a body of water in my life. I’m not a great swimmer and I can’t tread water very well at all and so I’ve always avoided doing anything aquatic, especially if there’s a hint that the water may get deep. But I wanted to do this and I wanted to push myself to get past my boundaries and fears. I let the girls know about my apprehension and Melissa and Megan admitted to being great swimmers and would help me out if needed… so fear be gone!

We met at work at about 9:15am, made a quick run for food, sunblock and mixer for the rum Andrea brought of course(yum!). After another brief stop to pick me up some water shoes after I realized everyone else had them and that it would probably be in my best interest to pick up a pair considering all I had were my slides…we were on our way.

Took us about an hour to get to the National Park area and find the place where we could rent our tubes. I’m so glad they had the tubes with the covered bottom…such a relief for me after I realized how low the water had gotten during this drought and all the rocks aching to get a shot at nailing my poor bum.

We made the trip up and down the river a total of three times and it was a blast. When we first got in, it was real slow going and we’re sitting there thinking…”this is it?” We then get to the point where it sort of splits off and have to make a left into this little bit of rapids and this is where the fun started! Tracy was screaming her head off and holding onto Andrea like no tomorrow. Megan kept getting stuck on the rocks and I got slung around like a rag doll! lol Samantha and Melissa just blew threw like it was nothing everytime!

There was this little wading area just after the rapids where we collected ourselves and made our trek back up. During the last trip we just sat in our tubes and just talked about everything from politics to work gossip. It was funny earlier today Andrea had picked up a big mug called a “Bubba Jug” (don’t ask me I had no clue they existed or went by that name lol) and she was chugging juice and rum. She was hilarious but also surprised me a few times with her political thoughts. I didnt know she had it in her.

Sadly though, there weren’t any real cute guys out today. There was one guy who was built pretty but not my type. Great body though if you like them with a bit of meat on their bones. ^^

All in all it was a very fun day and better yet, I didn’t die, drown or burn! Heck yeah!

All the sun is gonna make me freckle a bit though.

Fav quote of the day – (On Tracy’s conversation dealing with her trying to get pregnant and it not happening)

“As long as you’re getting it and he’s not pulling out…you’re good.”