Here lately I’ve been watching a lot of the previous seasons of “The Biggest Loser” thanks to the .Style cable channel. I had watched the last two seasons and was happy to see some previous seasons.

The first and main reason I enjoy the show is because it just fills me with wonder and pride when people are doing things to better themselves for their health and their appearance. The hard work and effort the trainers put in as well as the will and determination all these folks do to lose the weight that is killing our society now.

It almost makes me cry each time they all go to the weigh in and lose the weight. Also seeing them come to the realizations that they do have control over their body and how they can lose weight…just taking those initial drastic steps to move forward is the hardest. I applaud this show because it really is an inspiration to the world of reality tv and many many americans out there who are overweight. You can improve yourself, just take the initiative! Our American society doesn’t have to carry this overweight burden that we’ve come to adopt.

Believe me, I don’t have anything against extra weight, just the notion that you’re helpless against your weight (with the exception of those folks who are disabled or unable to take the proper physical route by certain medical needs).

The second reason I love “The Biggest Loser” is because of Bob Harper (the trainer for the Blue Team). Not only is he hot, but he is compassionate, empathetic and very much a source of inspiration for people who want to be fit. He may not be straight business like some trainers, but he deals with his people on an emotional and motivational level first and then deals in the physical realm. He is a physical and motivational inspiration to me and I adore him.


In other news today, it was Melissa’s last day today and I’m so sad to see her go. She was one of a couple of folks I held to the same kind of intellectual level as myself. Kaitlin being the other and she left for grad school last week as well ><.

I spent all day today reworking the men’s department and believe me, after the spin class and tubing yesterday if my leg’s weren’t sore, they sure are now. I was moving a ton of fixtures all day. It was very satisfying. There’s nothing like feeling you put in a full day of work that makes a difference…or at least makes a standing impact. As I am typing this, my legs are soooooo sore. *crossing fingers* I can move tomorrow. Night all!