Oh my gosh, let me first tell you that I finally have Russ just one chapter away from finishing “Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.” It’s been a long battle to get him ready before the movie hits theaters but we may actually get it done. I’ve been trying to finish the book with him for probably close to a year.

He surprised me today by taking us on a drive to pay on the boat slip and knowing the drive takes a bit I suggested bringing the book along just in case. Nine times out of ten, this scenario just ends with the book taking up space in the back seat.

This time, we were probably about 10 chapters away from finishing and he gives the go ahead. Russ loves (or used to love) to take long drives and roam around for the fun of it. I took advantage of this time and kept reading…and he just kept driving. We start at about 10:30am this morning and ended up getting back to the house just shy of 7:30pm. Time just flew.

I can remember being in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, back Farragut…just anywhere and everywhere. But it’s amazing how you can lose track even when you’re not exceptionally busy.

Sad enough, we finished with one chapter left and I’ll see how long that takes to finish. It was a simple but fun day.


Other news…

I got “Transamerica” from Netflix the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I definitely understand why Felicity Huffman was nominated for those awards. She did an awesome job playing Bree and, I felt, was totally believable.

I learned some unknown things of the transgendered community (at least I think I did), and the whole subject matter was handled in a very respectful way.

Such an eye-opening path of discovery and it’s on my must have list now.

Not only was it a great movie, but Kevin Zegers who plays Bree’s son was a very nice sight to see. He did a great job with the role and I never lost sight of this boy whatever scene he was in. He demanded attention, at least for me. *Sigh* Beautiful hair, dimples, body, and those eyes. Keep an eye on this guy.

Here’s a great site with tons of images of him! The Kevin Zegers Gallery

Also I thought I’d throw in a recent picture of me. Been meaning to do it for ages, at least for my purposes of documenting my growth as I work out. I’ve been training hard so hopefully it’s paying off. ^^