Alrighty, as any of my friends will know, I love “American Idol” but I rarely blog about it, but when it comes to “So You Think You Can Dance”, I am just all about it.

These peops just amaze me everytime. I love to dance, but of course I will never be as good as these folk, but it is so very nice to watch. MTV envelops our minds to think that hip-hop and pop dance are the forms of acceptable social dance out there and this show helps to promote those other great forms of dance: i.e. latin, swing, jive, etc.

I also find it very nice that with these dances they’re pushing versatility…and the most common-sensical thing to myself is that if you’re wanting to make a living off of dance, being versed in many types would be the best way to keep yourself in work.

This is also coming from someone who has had one class in dance which really wasn’t very explicit on a type…kinda modern, but like the Mia Michaels meets kindergarten type. And then a mix of gay club dance meets country-western techniques. I will admit going with my sister to a country/western bar for years and learning line dance really helped me to learn beat, precision and stylized moves. You’ll be surprised how much it can help those unversed in dance feel better about themselves.

Anyways, nows my time to express my views for my favorites. I do have a couple of female favorites… Lauren and Sara being them, they are sweet…and Sara is just the bomb! But of course with this being a gay blog written by a gay man I’ll have to focus on the hot bois I’m voting for. And believe me, I vote on talent or potential as well. Depending on what dance type they pick, the couple could be in or out of their element and we have to look at how they adapt versus those who were bred in that kind of dance environment.

Anyway, here’s my top hotness factor picks.

Ricky has these great dark eyes and hair that just pull me in everytime I look at the boy. He’s an awesome modern/contemporary type dance who was put into ballroom this time round, and I think the couple did well. His only issue is his girl partner is taller and stouter than he and it wasn’t sure who was really leading during the whole bit. I think this boi can go a long way if the votes are there. He’s my favorite, so give him the love!

OMG, Neil was adorable tonight doing the salsa, even if his posture was too high for the sensuality of the step it was still very much enjoyable. I love his look and his dance and he better not go soon.

Kameron is just fricken hot. He did a great contemporary/modern routine by Mia Michaels with Benji’s sister and was awesome. So very very hot. I hope he goes very far. You know who he reminds me of, not sure if you all have seen “Bulletproof Monk”, the guy that plays the British thug gang leader-guy…yeah, he reminds me of him, very hot and fuckable. *sigh*

Hok has been a favorite of mine since last year. When the pivotable moment came when he couldn’t move on because of his work visa it made me sad. I’m so glad to see him come back and make it finally to the top 20. I have a thing for asian bois, but for an asian boi with a british accent….*swoon* I hope he goes far…very far.

I also have a soft spot for the ballroom dancer bois who appear on here. Last year it was so hot Stanislav, but hopefully Pasha won’t meet the same early fate Stan did. He has an awesome body and gorgeous face and I wouldn’t mind him holding me at any point an time during a waltz.

These are my fav bois, like ’em or lump ’em but VOTE for ’em to stay!!