It’s funny how things work at times. The last few days it’s been kinda hard for me to put a post together and it’s made me think of my past and present blogs, and what it was that helped me stay focused.

I remember when I was taking classes at UT Knoxville and there were those times when had 2-3 hours in between classes. You know those times when the only options you had were early classes and late classes because all the ones with decent hours got snatched up. Anyways, I hate driving in the first place, nonetheless make a 45minute drive 4 times a day…so I would kill time in one of the computer labs spread around the campus.

Posts seemed to flow so freely from that space. Maybe it was that kinda silence one can only achieve in a library/lab type atmosphere? The silently hum of the air conditioning, the tapping of nearby keyboards, the clacking of people refilling the copiers with paper and softly greeting each other. Was it the emanations of intelligent (or pseudo-intelligent for some) thought that seeped into me to help push me into my own.

The more I think about it, I believe it all comes down to distractions. The atmosphere of those computer labs and the serene way it allowed me to free my thoughts and competently write them was accomplished because I was able to free myself from distraction.

The humming, whispering, tapping and clacking were there the whole time, but they were just background noise. They lingered just close enough to remind me that I was still in the real world, but my mind was able to filter all this out and concentrate on putting down the words I wanted on the proverbial electronic paper.

Fast forward to right now. For the last 3 days I’ve had great ideas for blog entries. I’d sit down, start writing (making some decent progress in some) and then it would all go blank. Just like the floor was pulled out from under me. And this bothered me.

Where I currently type has way too many distractions. With the television and random conversation going between our roommate and the beau, it’s usually too loud to filter and of it without losing my train of though.

I find myself wishing I had a laptop and could just wander out into the backyard, sit down underneath the tree there and type with the full knowledge it would flow easier that way. But that’s not going to happen, so what else can I do to give myself that kind of environment.

What I’ve come up with seems to be working. I may not be able to filter the noise around me, but I can dampen it. My mind also seems to be less prone to distraction when I’m listening to music, particularly house/trance/etc. So while I’m typing I pop on the Itunes, and listen to music and i’ve effectively revisited the computer lab experience in a different but oddly similar way. Similar in the fact that it’s allowing me the same focus. I’m very happy with this rationalization and “band-aid.”

I know, I know. A post about posting, not too exciting but believe me I have like 3 unfinished posts to complete.

Bear with me, there’s more to come! đŸ˜€