The other night I went to my favorite club for the first time in probably 2 months or so and to tell you the truth, it was a big letdown for me. The main reason I went is so I could dance. I love to dance and since I’m adamant here lately about getting myself into regular cardio with the spin class and cycling after my workouts, I felt a need to get back out and start dancing again (the music and hot guys don’t hurt either).

But boy was I wrong, just like the last time I went a few months ago, attendance was down to at least a quarter of what it used to be (very light crowds). The amateur show which was usually overflowing with interested young drag queens had been cancelled on both occasions and the regular cast performed on their own. Not that it’s a bad thing, just shows that that the interest either isn’t there anymore or they’ve moved on elsewhere. Not only that, but I was the only fricken person dancing on the floor until the hour before close. So depressing.

I also had an ethical dilemma going on…so here’s the backstory in a nutshell:

-favorite club is the oldest in city and resides very close to the University.
-University builds new student apartments and parking garage basically on the club’s backdoor. Ever since this happened I’ve been very uncomfortable walking to the club …an awful short walk for any college brats with a thing against gay bois to prove whatever it is they wanna prove.
-There was an attempt by the university to buy the property but i think that fell through.
-Management tried to clean up it’s ghetto-Babylonisque atmosphere (QAF reference) by posting rules governing clothing oneself and what you couldn’t wear in the bar.
-Since then attendance has been down and the club has been hurting financially.

Besides all that, I’ve come to find the straight crowd kinda…taking over. Easily being the majority. The best of which were 4 straight valley girls taking up the dance floor and fraternizing with the local wildlife in that “petting zoo” fashion. I can just hear them the next day, “we got to dance with a gay guy last night, omg!!” Six of them, dancing in a circle and giggling at the surroundings.. “I can’t believe we’re here!”.. that kinda thing. Bah, forgive my whining.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind the straight folk enjoying our place of entertainment, but when they’re the majority…there’s something wrong. I don’t know, I may need to start frequenting another club but that’s a hard decision for me. This bar has been there for me for as long as I’ve been out. I’ve had so many memories take place there. It has always felt safe and very much like I was in a family atmosphere. Safe is still there, but the atmosphere has changed for me. I feel like a minority again and I shouldn’t have to accept feeling that way. Vouching for acceptance in a place where I’ve always had that is a step I won’t want to take.

It may seem that i’m making a mountain out of a molehill or expounding on a couple of isolated instances but I rarely ever get the opportunity to go out much anymore and the nights I have gone out have been very similar to this instance. Either my timing is on par or this has been a consistent thing.

I think I’ll take Russ’ advice and try the Rainbow Club next. It’s kinda homey in a small pub type atmosphere and is bound to have way more gay life than the Carousel has had as of late. Or maybe Kurt’s, they have an awesome outside seating area and this is a good time of year to take advantage of that. In fact, I think I’ll do that.