You all know that I’ve been working out alot harder and more frequently lately and as of yet I really haven’t set myself any goals other than to look better in my clothes and feel better about myself physically. Me being so small (5’3″, 119.5lbs as of today), it’s really hard to find clothes that fit me the way I want them too. I can never be an ambercrombie model, but by gosh I can strive to be a good miniature facsimile.

But thanks to Jay and his blog , I’ve finally laid into writing a goal for myself. I like goals, it gives me something to shoot for and I really don’t know why I’ve never set myself one before…at least weight-wise. I guess just being around 110lbs for most of my life has made me skittish about making a goal of gaining weight. And truly the thought kinda scares me because I don’t want to mess up what I consider a good metabolism (i know, extremist thinking and I know it’s faulty…it’s just what I think).

But I also know that for my height range my weight should be around 120-130ish I think, and that gives me a point to work towards. I’ve already gained 10ish lbs since I really started focusing on my workout this past December and it tickles me that I’ve been floating around the bottom end of my average (considering I’ve been underweight for most my life).

So anyways, here’s my goal for September 30th. I have this mini-belly I’ve put on in the years I’ve been with Russ due to just inactivity. That’s definitely my first thing to go. And I want to put on another 5-10lbs of muscle. There it is, in writing. ^^

I have a before picture from last month here.

Wish me luck!