Today was my day off and initially I wanted to get all my chores done (laundry basically), which I actually finished. I have a bad habit of forgetting about the laundry once it’s in the dryer.

After getting my chores done I wanted to go out tonight, primarily to try out a new bar after my latest experience at my past favorite bar. I do a little searching for the club’s site (the Rainbow Club West) and find out that there’s no special 4th events and assume that it’s regular Wednesday night “Country Night” (gag!) and so I decide not to go out.

Later on Russ decides to watch “1776” on TCM (I’ve watched this so many times as we own both the tape and DVD of the musical, VERY good if you like musicals), and it gets me into a more patriotic mood. Not to mention that the guy who plays the lead John Adams, is the same guy who did the voice of KITT in “Knight Rider” and the principal in “Boy Meets World”.

I’ve seen this so many times but surprisingly it takes the holiday that supports the idea for me to really appreciate it. I suggest if you have access to watch it and you don’t mind musicals to definitely watch this, it has some great songs and educational in the process, even if they took some artistic license.

While we’re watching the show we notice that folks are lighting fireworks in the community and unlike the usual baby fireworks, some folks are lighting some that appear very like the ones pictured above. We ended up moving out onto the front porch and watching them. It was very nice, and I enjoyed them a whole lot more.

Before tonight I really never had an appreciation for fireworks. I had the thought that “once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. Boomsday here in Knoxville didn’t impress me, “Illumi-Nations” at Epcot Disney didn’t impress me. But Sitting on our front porch with Russ and my puppy and watching these fireworks go off in celebration of our independence really made me think how lucky we are.

Especially the gay community, just look what’s happening to the gay communities in the Islam areas. Even though we haven’t won our full battles we still have come a long way. And we really should acknowledge that fact and celebrate it. This country, even if it has been a long battle has allowed us to attain what we have so far…and I’m proud and honored to be a part of this country and it’s beliefs.

There are the stray things that just haven’t worked out, (Bush?, etc?) but for the most part, we are very lucky. Enjoy our independence and freedoms. Don’t take for granted what we have and what others have yet to experience. We have it good and we better not forget it.