About time for an update I have to say. Forgive me, today I’m running off of about 3 and a half hours sleep right now because last night (or this morning) I caught a 12:30am showing of …

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix” ^^

Nope, this isn’t going to be an analysis of the movie or how well it actually translated to film. But I do have to say at the end of the day I really enjoyed it. There were a few areas where I was disappointed, but I had the same feelings when I first saw “The Goblet of Fire.” It’s now my favorite of the movies thus far.

What I also really loved was that the group of people that helped sell out the twelve 11:59pm – 1:30am shows were the kind of folks I want to go see movies with. Everyone was enthusiastic for the movie and it’s pinnacle moments throughout. There was no screaming babies, cell phones ringing, idle or mocking chit-chat.

There were hundreds of excited people. Some who even dressed up in robes, scarves and sporting their own wands. I actually pulled out the “Support Cedric Diggory” Tee I got at Hot Topic last year and got the strength to actually wear it in public. I know, I’m a dork but hey at least I can wear it among peers… or at least I hope they’re peers. >>

Another thing I noticed last night was that the hot gay bois came out in droves. The eye candy was never ending. Where do they hide? I never see them in broad daylight. It’s like there’s a secret storage pen nightclubs herd these boys into and set them free only when the last of the sun’s rays disappear from view and the technobeats are pumping.

I’m so definitely gonna see it again before the next couple of weeks are out.


In other news, my weight-training is going well and having Jay’s Calendar to help keep me motivated is definitely helping. I can count two times within the last 6 days I wanted to cut short but I proceeded forward. I nearly didn’t do my spin class last night but I got myself to the bike and although my legs are sore today, I’m proud of myself for getting it done. I’ve also been upping my protein and TRYING to watch my carbs. It’s soooo hard though.

Work is kicking my butt. Huge markdowns again this week, not to mention the clearance event, and getting shipped HUGE amounts of fall merchandise already. I had to totally gut the boy’s shop today and rebuild it, and I’m not even set for Friday’s shipment yet. SIGH, wish me luck. I’m just happy i’m not passed out yet, but I’m sure i’ll be out as soon as I hit the pillow. Night all.

I’ve got some Daniel Radcliffe talk show appearances to watch on Tivo too. Boy is getting finer by the day. *sigh*