I’m so proud of my beau today. If you remember my long rant post here, my beau had put himself into a kind of self-destructing mindset. After weeks of trying to get him to get his bloodwork done so that he’s able to set his surgery date, he got up the courage and determination I remember him so much for, and got it done.

When I called on my way home from work and he told me that he was on his way to the doctor’s office, my face lit up. I’m sure he felt the happiness in my voice.

I almost couldn’t believe it, he’s told me half-truths before (like he made the phone call and would hopefully be going the next day when he actually just got voicemail and was “waiting” for a return call past 5pm), but this instilled in me that I may indeed still retain my hope.

Now, if we can just retain the same winning determination to get his surgery scheduled… we can finally put this behind us and he can go back to live his life…our life.

Granted, he’ll have to watch what he does in the future as not to aggravate his back. This third back surgery will be simple but in the words of his doctor… “you could probably sneeze funny and throw your back out again…you’ve just got a bad back.”

Yeah, that’s positive reinforcement for the surgery and hence why I feel he’s been in this emotional rut he’s been in for the last two months. Especially considering his job (the job he loves and has worked 13 long years perfecting) takes physical labor and double the fact that he’s a do-er not a delagator. It’ll definitely be a change he won’t welcome.

But better than the persistant horrible pain, forcibly having to move his right leg, and having to rely on his crutch to get him around easier. Should I even re-mention the emotional reasons…

I am a very happy camper today.


In other news…

A few months ago I posted about my crush at work and how we seemed to click every once in a while. Even if he was straight, he brightened my day on the odd occurence I did get to work with him. Very bright young man.

Unfortunately that time has come to an end and I can’t say that I didn’t expect it. He came to work with us through his sister Sam, you may remember from my tubing trip. Well, a little over a month or so ago she got a new job and went down to one day a week. She made her first day after that change, the following week she didn’t show up and noone… not even her closest friends at the store could get in contact with her. She’d basically quit and disconnected from all of us who we once considered her friends. I’ve seen this all too many times and it’s a sad thing.

After her departure, Greg still worked with us and that pleased me. He still had school and had to give up a few shifts because of it but he was still on the employee list and gave me the hope of seeing his tight little body working shipment.

Last week, he worked both shipment dates, and then this tuesday as well.

Wednesday was a regular shift for him, and my worst fear happened… he no-called / no-showed AND noone could get a hold of him.

Next day, shipment. Same deal. I’ve officially lost the only guy in the store I lusted over. *sigh* Heck, male employees are in short supply here as it is. I think there are only 6 of us now, including a new hire who isn’t that bad to look at but not really my type. He’ll have to do for now though. ><


To finish up, I can finally say to myself that I like sushi.

I’ve had california rolls before but everyone tells me that they’re like the beginner sushi and so I’d never been able to attach the label to myself. I decided I was gonna try some other kinds today and there was a local sushi place next to my gym that I knew included sushi on their buffet during the weekends and figured it would suit my senses to give it a try that way with a flat price. Everything I tried, I enjoyed. Not only enjoyed, I found myself craving more. And thus, I can now list sushi as a favorite food choice.