So…I’ve been thinking off and on lately about going to cosmetology school and becoming a stylist. And last night, I began really looking for information in the area on how I get this done. Looking at local cosmetology schools, sending for brochures, and most importantly…checking out on whether I can even afford to do it.

I’ve been interested in the field for quite a while and it will give me a chance to take a trade and grow with it. That’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Taking something I love, move forward with it and grow both as a professional and financially.

My current job, although I love what I’m doing, has placed a paycap on my position and thus I have no more growth in what I’m doing financially. The only way I can get past the cap is to go into supervision or management positions and I am dead certain that I don’t want management. I’m task-oriented. I want to get out there and do it, control my tasks, and not have to delegate menial tasks to folks who could care less.

I’ve had other aspirations before this. Sign language interpreting, computer tech, commercial art…but I’ve had considerable doubts concerning whether I’ll actually ENJOY it, be fully capable or my out and (hate to say it) obvious gayness impeding my client availability. But this prospect seems fully open to me and I’m really excited about putting this together for myself. I’m very confident in my abilities and am optimistic about enjoying it.

When bringing it up to the beau yesterday (he’s mentioned in the past that he thought that I would do well at it), he brought up a point that I have noticed about myself that I was unaware he realized about me…and it made it that much more real for me.

I tend to have a bad relationship with the number 5.

I’ve only had 3 prime jobs my whole career. I tend to stay in one place for a while (I love consistancy). But the tying factor for my first two jobs is that I left them both in my fifth year of service, am currently in my fifth year at my retail job and he even pointed out that this is still our fifth official year together as a couple and we’ve had hardships where the prospect of parting ways was given (and in some ways still possible).

Seeing it now makes it much more real and makes me worry if I’m just looking for the right things for my life and that’s the magic number saying if it’s not right by this time I need to move on….or am I just flakey.

This prospect is gonna require an investment on our part and I want to be sure that I want to do this. I truly believe I want to do this, but part of me nags that I’ll be done with this after 5 years and then what…

My friend says that 5 years is the average timeframe folks stay at any particular job/environment/etc before looking for a change. So at least I’m not the only one experiencing this…at least I hope.

I still plan on looking into this…my friend also knows a gay couple who own their own salon, makes a great living, and she’s willing to set me up talking to them about it.

I’m a little apprehensive though, just because I still know very little but my own gut feelings. I’ve never cut hair before but I have worked with color a number of times. Just in that experience I know I can do pretty well.

I really am searching for stability in a trade I enjoy. The potential to grow and achieve by skilling myself in what I enjoy. I don’t want to delegate, I want to do. And this could be my opportunity to express myself, put myself into a field where I can develop my own merits, reputation and rely on my own talents (or lack thereof, we shall see if I get to schooling).

Anyone have any insight on this career choice? Pros/cons? Any imformation will be most helpful.