Yeah…doesn’t that look appetizing.

Well, I thought it would be earlier in the day. I finished all my promotional stuff at work and then went to pick up a few groceries and made my way home. Tried calling the beau a couple of times but no answer, so I figure he’s asleep or something. I get home and he’s just about to get in the shower (mind you in his current pre-operation condition, so this is quite the task for him) and looks like hell.

He showers and appears to be a new person, exhausted but looking tons better. He then asks me to grab him a pack of cigs and something to eat. I’m not real hungry and so I let him suggest the place and at first he wants Subway. I’m not a big fan of Subway, I never seem to get a sub there that I can enjoy on a tastebud level. Quizno’s is more my taste. So he then suggests Burger King.

Mind you for the past 3 weeks or more I’ve been eating relatively clean. The only fast food I’ve really had in this time has been two basic hard tacos from Taco Bell and two grilled snack wraps from McDonalds. I think to myself…

I’ve been awfully good these past few weeks, I deserve a bit of a treat.

So I grab his cigs and then head to the Burger King down the road.

I park and go in so that I can stare at the menu and make a decision for myself because I know it’ll be hard.

So, I’m staring at the menu (and feeling guilty at the same time) and only seeing big red X’s for myself all over the place.

I order Russ’ food and then I go with my old standby. A whopper Jr. w/ cheese no onion. I’d always been partial to the King’s burgers over other places, the rest I can do without.

Bring it home, and long story short. The food made me nauseous and the soda gave me a headache.

I now know exactly how my roommate Jen (who eats very clean and healthy all the time) feels after eating from fastfood. I used to wonder why she always ended up feeling icky and grumpy after a fast food binge.

It’s taken me pretty much all night to rid myself of the headache but my stomach is feeling better now. It was good at the time, but it definitely makes me re-think eating fast food again. It just goes to show that your body is just as smart as the food you put into it. And mine definitely didn’t want this mush.

Maybe Subway wasn’t such a bad idea after all.