Around this time I’d be putting together a post but oddly enough I had a closing shift tonight.

Everyone at work is so surprised when they hear I’m closing down the store with them. It’s usually in a maniacal glee because I NEVER close and to see me sharing their same fate is rewarded. So I let them have their fun.

It is weird for me as well, considering my schedule usually runs Monday through Friday, 8-5pm. It’s virtually ingrained in my mind what it is I do.

When I clocked in today I found myself greeting my General Manager with a, “Good Morning!” I don’t think she caught it, but I caught myself.

I kept incredibly busy tonight. Our clearance event is ending tomorrow and so T and I got an early start on clearing the kids part of “main street” (the middle walkthrough area separating the main departments) — I cleared and reset the boys department, and was very pleased with the end result

Then upon my GM’s request I went to rebuild the men’s khaki wall to our new fall specifications. Not to mention the air conditioning problems we’ve had over that shop. There’s a huge conditioner box-thing (forgive my lack of technical terms) above our khaki wall, and is reknown for “dripping.” Apparently, last night the dripping became more of a …. waterfall.

So half the backwall has been removed and the remains of the water collection effort was still in full view. Not only did I have to remove all that, but rebuild the wall to it’s specs and then rearrange what was left of the merchandise for the wall to it’s new home. I didn’t even get to the items that were removed during the “waterfall.”

Well, I like staying busy…so it was a good night.

The only particular part of the night I didn’t enjoy was where I got to play “manager” for a couple of hours. I was heading up the recovery effort and addressing any concerns during the last closing hours. I have totally found out I can’t deal with management. Traveling around, making sure people are doing what needs to be done, and in the process you spend more time checking up on people in menial tasks than getting larger more meaningful projects done.

So yeah, I’ve made my decision in that aspect. I’m hands-on, task-oriented, and managing others is not my deal.

Soooo tired so I’m calling it a night. Be good all.

LOL, I just noticed at the beginning of this I didn’t expect it to be a big post…but oh well, guess what you got.