I don’t think that I mentioned this earlier in any of my posts, but on Wednesday I have tours and consolations set up with the two biggest cosmetology schools in the city: The Tennessee School of Beauty and Reuben Allen College (founded by Ross the Boss).

I have to say early on I have a preference for the TSB and here’s why.

When I became certain this was a path I wanted to follow I went online looking for information regarding the schools, costs, etc and I sent out for information on both.

The next few days I decided to try stopping by RAC (it’s literally a 5 minute drive from my work place) and see if I could go ahead and pick up some information. I walk in and go to the counter which I assume is where the walk-ins usually come in and ask about information about the school. The secretary gives a call to the back room and the president comes to greet me. Her name is Le and she seems rather ordinary for a beauty school owner (or probably in this case, just manager). She talks to me briefly about my aspirations, past work experience (which is none), sets up an appointment and then hands me a pamphlet of information. Yes, a pamphlet. Basically a page worth of “table of contents” worth of information. I was kind of disappointed, I expected more. It felt like a high school cosmetology class. Anyways I set up an appointment to look over the place on Wednesday at 10:30am, and we’ll see how it goes.

No real emotion or feeling came to me. I’m a very emotional, empathetic person. My beau has said this about me just confirming slightly that I can feel the aura of a certain place and know whether I’ll be comfortable or not. And so far this place doesn’t seem to be a fit.

Anyways, I left RAC slightly disappointed.

After I got home, I pulled up to the mailbox and found a large envelope from the TSB addressed to me in my box. When I got inside, I opened it to find a large folder containing all kinds of information about the school. From the course load and how the full semesters play out according to what is being learned, to the differentiation in the morning class load to the night class load, and also applying the fact that those without experience are full greeted and taken in. Lots of information on financial aid, the school’s goals and it’s history. Just a ton of information which overshadowed what i got at RAC.

I called that day to set up an appointment for a tour like at RAC, and got sent to the president’s office (who sets up the appointments) and got a voicemail indicating he was on another call at the moment.

During the pause (this is during a day off on a weekday *gasp*) and I finally manage to convince the beau to give a call to the insurance company to add my new car. It only took me dialing the number, getting him past the automation and handing him the phone to do it though *sigh*…but I’m insured now, Yay!

During this time the pres calls back and of course Russ is on the phone so he leaves a message stating that fact “he was sorry to miss me and hopes to hear from me soon.”

The prez leaves the office at about 4:30ish and it was about that time, but I decided to call and leave a message anyway. I didn’t get him but I left a message saying that I was sorry I missed his call but would call back tomorrow.

Here’s what really impressed me.

Even though I said that I was gonna be calling to set up things the next day, I still got a call from him (the prez) at noonish the next day to set things up. It may be business but it at least makes me feel like they’re serious about the business and the students the take in.

At my lunch break I hear his voicemail and give him a call back. I end up setting a tour time of 2:30 on Wednesday and finishing the call with a real good feeling that this is the school I need to work with.

My plan right now is to tour the RAC school that morning but not commit to any paperwork or financial aid paperwork until after my meeting with the TSB school later that day.

I’m super excited for Wednesday. I really am certain that this is something that I want to do and make a career out of. I’m confident in my ability to make it work for me and whoever comes into my chair. With night-classes it’ll take over a year to get my certification but it’ll be well worth it. I don’t mind how long it takes, just the quality.

I just hope the financial aid works out for me, pell grant please work for me! I just need something to cover the initial costs and I can cover the monthly payments. Night all, I’m a hopeful boy tonight *crossing fingers*