I do want to apologize for the night before…I was a little dramatical (I swear it takes a LOT for me to get that way). But everything I said still stands today, just maybe with not as much emphasis as last night.

I do have to say that maybe letting out all that built up angst was a good thing. To my surprise this morning, Russ got out of bed early…got dressed…and went to work…even in his pre-operation condition. He managed to have a heart to heart with his boss, and it was an eye-opener for himself. He finally vocalized that he was probably taking advantage of his current state. And that he needs to continue to come to work now not only for his own mental state, money, etc…but for me too.

So maybe putting this energy into the air helped…but I’m gonna give this to him in any case…because at the end of the day (well start actually) HE did it.

The glow to his eye has returned, his dimples have returned. He’s tired, but he’s really glad he went in and optimistic. Kind of a rebirth of sorts. Maybe…if it lasts (but I’ll remain optimistic as usual).

Maybe there is some hope…?

Btw His boss did have a check ready for him but was holding it. He was wanting the beau to come to him, not just pick up during the weekend and make a quick escape. Very shrewd, but I’m thankful for that. VERY thankful. Because with this check and his return to work, it means none of the financial hell we were planning on. *crossing fingers*

Russ also made progress in getting his surgery scheduled. Talked to folks to get his authorization faxed to his main surgery doctor for the okay. So just waiting on the reply and then a clear date.