I would’ve posted this a lot earlier but when it came time to put up my favorite dance of the week I noticed that for some reason Explorer wasn’t loading the YouTube page at all. It would keep trying and come up dry.

I figured it was an error on their end and kept trying every day since with the same results. I’d also noticed that anyone posting a Youtube video didn’t show up on my screen as well and kept looking for comments about videos not working, but got no such luck.

Finally today I figured something was wrong on my end. I decided to try it on the main computer in the bedroom (my comp is a small little setup here in the living room, not a whole lot of space on it) and could pull up YouTube fine. But when I tried to access blogger, the login screen kept reloading and reloading and reloading. I thought, “Well, crap.” I trade one site for the other. The security on the main comp is so high for some reason it wasn’t letting me load Blogger and the beau wasn’t going to change that (even if he wasn’t sure what it was McAfee that was causing it). But I did come across something that gave me a bit more information.

An info page on why I may not be able to load YouTube (i’m not exactly sure how I came across it) saying something about resetting your cache, or cookies or something… or you could download Firefox.

I’ve heard from tons of different sources that Firefox is a much better browser and so instead of trying to sort through all this Microsoft stuff, I get back on my comp and install Firefox.

Surprisingly, I could pull up the site and I found out the issue. A week ago, I convinced the beau to install a second hardrive into my comp and during the whole process he tried to defragment my main drive. Well, it’s a relatively small one and XP pretty much takes up the whole space (and you need x amount of space available to defragment any given drive) and he was deleting things, and in the process he deleted FlashPlayer…and that was why I couldn’t see YouTube.

So long story short, I got Flash back, am using Firefox and here’s my favorite dance from last weeks episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”

Neil and Sara (newly partnered) performing a Disco routine to the song “Knock on Wood”. It was an instant hit with me just for the song. The movie “54” with Ryan Phillipe and Mike Myers made that song a favorite of mine. So here it is: