Yesterday was going relatively well at work. We had got a HUGE shipment on Monday and were still working on it through Tuesday. It’s only the beginning of August and we’ve already finished up our Fall 1 line of merchandise. Well…not finished up as in it’s gone, just that they are now ready to start sending the “August” Book of Fall Merchandise.

We’ve just came out of a huge summer clearance sale which wasn’t all that great. We still have quite a bit…we were hoping for an extra percentage off to help move it to make more room for the fall merchandise, but it didn’t happen.

The women’s department was going through a full breakdown and rebuild courtesy of sending a whole truckload of new merchandise from the next book. We finally get things set to the current one and BOOM.


So here I am halfway through my workday. I had just made a trip to the store to pick up lunch. I walk back to the store, pop in my Lean Cuisine Chicken dinner-thing and I get a call from the beau. I anticipate that he’s probably going to tell me that he’s heading home…but the news I got was not what I wanted.

He tells me that he just got a phone call from our roommate saying that she was worried about our dog TJ.

Playing catch up, the beau found her abandoned and roaming around his workplace parking lot around 3 years ago. It was a cold, rainy day and she was soaked to the bone and freezing. He feels sorry for her and considers taking her in as a gift to me of sorts. He takes her to many of the residences close to his office and asks around if anyone recognizes her or knows to who she may belong. No luck, and later that day he surprises me by waiting for her outside my work place.

Fast forward to now, she’s had issues before with what I always termed a “funny tummy.” She’s had issues in the past year or more with random vomiting. She likes to eat very quickly, sometimes not even chewing her food and this is what we shrugged off as the reason.

Well, yesterday the beau gets a call from the roomie asking if we had fed TJ any noodles. Remember, Ramen lol ><.


“Well, there are about 5 places of spitup and it looks like noodles are in one of them.”

“What are you talking about?” He asks, kind of amused.

“Well, if they’re not noodles…omigosh, maybe they’re worms.”

And he heads back home from the office and giving me a call where I’m taking my first bite of Lean yumminess. He asks if there’s any way I can get the rest of the day off and proceeds to explain what’s going on with my puppy. (FYI I refer to any small dog as a puppy, just doesn’t feel right calling them a dog. Such an ugly word for my cute pup.)

I get the clear, head out and I’m worried as all get out. I end up getting there before the beau and I talk to my roomie for a bit. Come to find out she didn’t actually see TJ make any of the messes but assumed it was her considering her past. It couldn’t possibly be her two kittens. Anything that happens in the house has to be because of TJ. Although we know better.

The beau ran into one of the kittens the other day heaving (and I caught him once again this morning). So there’s a good chance they all are infected, especially sharing the same water bowl.

TJ’s just as bouncy and loving as ever and for that I’m grateful. We got her an appointment with a vet for today and am bringing in stool samples from her and the kittens for them to check on. It’s gonna cost a fortune, I just know it. She needs her shots too. >< but I want my puppy to be well if she truly is sick.

I’m off today and I’m mere minutes away from bringing her to the vet. I’m so nervous.

Wish TJ and I luck.