OMG, my Sara went home! I totally thought it was Lauren’s night and Sara’s wouldn’t be until next week. What probably did it for Sara was that sad “Push It” routine and wardrobe. Especially the wardrobe.

But anyways, I’m gonna give you my favorite dances of the night. But before I give it, I have to give this dance becasue it will forever be etched into my memory. Neil, with Lacely in a Latin Jazz routine, is FINALLY shirtless and my mouth was dragging the floor the whole time. This boy can take me so hard. My legs would be up in a moment. I know, you’ve never heard me be so candid…but my gosh, just look at him.

I’ll have to get back to you on my actual favorite choreography as the video hasn’t been posted to youtube yet. But Neil will keep me quite entertained until then.

Such a beautiful young man.