Just an FYI, I felt awkward posting about my workout progress and posting pics of the progress within this blog. A few days ago I was reading through a fitness magazine and read about a section of the Bodybuilding.com website called Bodyspace.

Kind of like a combination myspace/blog/planning site. It’s the perfect venue for me to write about my progress and to post pics hoping to prove my progress. Give it a look. I’m still working at it as it really is all-emcompassing. Candy store-like.

Here’s the link to my Bodyspace account, pay careful attention to catch my Bodyblog link as well. It can be accessed from the Space account and the blog links have feed capabilities so readers will function with it.

Not gay-centralized, but it definitely suits the purposes I wish it to.

I’ve also provided the link in the shoulder as well. Help keep tabs on me! Otherwise I’ll let you know when I update it with a post on here ^^