Been real busy these last few days. Wouldn’t you guess after all the hell of Tax-Free weekend, we had a visit to prepare for from the Regional Director. That meant a whole lot of mass cleanup, renovation, and just plain perfection planning. Considering we’re the home store for our district manager (don’t start me on her) and training store for the area, we had to set a prime example.

And we did just that. Putting some general projects aside, we pulled everything together and really provided an almost flawless walk-through. The only store to pull off the feat I must say. Very proud of our store and the teamwork and knowledge it took to pull it out.


Received my next movie from Netflix the other day and it was “Norbit.” I had some great expectations for this movie considering I totally enjoyed the commercials and knew Eddie Murphy’s successes with similar movies (Nutty Professor, The Klumps).

I have to say I was let down. I expected so much more and all I got was unfunny gag-jokes and unmemorable ensemble characterization. The only high-point I had was Murphy’s portrayal of Norbit himself. I really enjoyed that character. He had every range of emotion and was believable (despite the forced mode of speech he used).

I expected a whole lot out of Murphy’s portrayal of Rasputia (spelling?) considering the whole selling point of the movie is this “large” character. The attempts at making the character unique, memorable and edgy just never became fruitful. The character really relied on old fat jokes and gimmicks and nothing given was twisted in any sort of new way to at least try to pass as a new take on an old joke.

It also seemed that the special effects budget was significantly lower than that of the “Professor” and “Klump” movies. There were scenes where you could definitely tell that they were on a green screen or projection screen, and methods of imposing Murphy’s made-up head onto his large body double at times seemed awkward for camera angles and not great for the story.

Even during the “making of” portion of the DVD, it seemed like the director was apologizing for the movie. Continuously citing that it was difficult to bring the movie from storyboard to film.

Overall it was okay (if I had no idea of Murphy’s previously themed movies), just didn’t live up to it’s expectations. Definitely a one-time watch/rent, never a buy.


I’ve also updated my BodyBlog a few times this week. Check it out!

I’ve also decided to provide a separate email address for the blog considering I have been having trouble sorting mail in my main account and missing things.

Forgive me if I haven’t replied. >< The new address is in my profile now. So update accordingly ^^


I also want to say thank you to all for visiting my blog and caring about what I say. I definitely enjoy all the comments and mail I get!