You know what’s funny? I was checking the stats from my sitemeter and of course they list the last 10 searches that led to my blog from whatever browser.

What’s funny is that the last 6 searches have to deal with SYTYCD’s “Neil shirtless”. One of the searches was a variation on “is Neil gay?” Too funny but hey it’s exposure.

Tis time for my favorite dance of the week and oddly enough it’s Neil once again, paired with my girls final favorite Sabra doing a Mandy Moore Jazz routine.

Great choreography and danced very well. I love the table as a prop for them and the way it’s used to convey their “story”.

My picks for the finale:

Girls – Lauren should be going home. This has been Sabra and Lacey’s game for pretty much the whole show. My votes will be going toward Sabra on the girls side of things.

I think Lacey is talented but I haven’t found her very likeable personality-wise. She’s also got the Benji-train behind her, but hopefully Sabra’s fans can pull her forward.

Guys – Hard decision on who should go here. My personal favorites are Neil and Pasha and wouldn’t be the least bit sad if they ended in the final together.

Danny is a super-great dancer though and he’s finally opened up and grown on me. Any combination of the boys will make me happy in the final. I enjoy them all. If I HAVE to give a guess… Danny could be in danger solely because he came in late in the likeability phase.

I would most like to see Neil and Danny in the finale. Would be great to see them dance together.