Last night was a fun night I have to say. I got off half a day early since I came in to work half a day on Wednesday (my off day).

The beau and I had lunch together and I had a great workout at the gym. I’ve also posted a new blog post and new measurements on my BodySpace Account. I’m really happy with my progress and happy that I’ve shocked my system with the new workout.

Came home, showered, and then Russ came home. We ended up going out to eat and I managed to talk him into eating at Chili’s. He was wary but it turned out to be a really great meal. I treated myself and still managed to eat relatively clean.

After dinner we decided to run over to the theatre and catch The Order of the Phoenix for a second time. I have to say I enjoyed the movie much more this time around. I had no eager anticipations, no discouragements about changes or parts that were left out. It was so much more enjoyable for me without all the extra baggage. It really could be my favorite so far of the movies.


I haven’t mentioned this totally but my roommate has two boys who also live with us. I haven’t blogged about them much because for the last two months they’ve been with their father in Wisconsin. Well, she left yesterday afternoon and returned this evening. The silence I enjoyed for the last two months is now officially over. *sigh*

Goodbye hot boy on my background. Goodbye photos of hot boys scrolling across my screen in screensaver mode. Hello 8 and 9 year old kid drama. Eh, it’s a lot better than what I’m rambling about. They’re good kids. I will miss my space and silence. But the roomie is definitely glad to have them back. She’s been lonely and depressed off and on for a while. Definitely that bond between mother and child.

I’ve had a number of people tell me (including the beau) that I’d make a great father/parent. I’m not so sure. I’ve found working with and dealing with the boys that I can be incredibily selfish. I don’t mind doing things for and with them, but when it starts cutting into time I consider “me” time…I start to get selfish. Maybe that’s natural for all and can be something I will adapt and change with depending on my exposure.

In any case, their return means at least a slight change in everyday life for me. Could be a good thing but I do miss the privacy.