I consider myself a social person, but like everyone else I like to have time to myself to help unwind.

Today was not that.

I wore myself out at work busting out our past 3 women’s department shipments because of the backup getting ready for the Regional Manager’s walkthrough directly AFTER Tax-Free Weekend, the weekend before school nonetheless.

I come back to two rambunctious boys who are being constantly disciplined. Which is granted, they are great boys with their mother, it’s just for a couple weeks after spending the bulk time at their father’s…it takes time to get them out of their “father’s phase” as I’ll call it. Adjusting to the changes are hard for an 8 and 9 year old. Night and day almost considering the two parents. So there is alot of emotion and personality clashes going on.

The beau I find has drank a bit before I came home. When I’m home I try to moderate him but I can’t be here all the time. He seemed alright when I came home, but as the night progressed I was able to gauge his beginning time. Just one of those things partners are able to do.

Conversations between the roomie and us, I try to contain. It bothers me when he talks about stuff he doesn’t know about. Here’s a stupid example from tonight so that I don’t get into the discussion we had about our roomie’s fear her youngest could be facing an obesity problem in the future if needs aren’t met early.

The stupid example from tonight was concerning “The Biggest Loser”. I was watching an episode I had Tivo’d (I love the show, I even devoted a post as to why I love Bob Harper and TBL Here).

Anyways, the roomie and I were watching an episode of the special edition on my tv. The roomie makes the odd comment that she wondered if they ever gave a detailed idea of their diet while on the ranch. Before I can answer, the beau turns to her and shakes his head and says, “never.”

Considering he’s never actually sat and watched an episode with me. Only providing the odd glance at the tv once in a while during my viewings, I refute.

The special editions, like I’ve been watching lately, are only two episode editions and thus that extra info can’t be including in detail. During the full-season single-competitor series you get a good glimpse at what their diet consists of at the ranch. Or at least an idealized diet in the least.

The thing is he made a definite comment on something he was unfamiliar with as fact…as did he in the conversation considering her youngest. Citing his growth as natural, and that it’s nothing to worry about. The issue is he’s 8 years old and 80+ lbs. Their father’s whole side is “big-boned” and he’s showing tendencies toward that side of the family. Me and the roomie are talking about starting to steer the youngest to start making better decisions in diet. The beau thinks that it’s the rite of the child and that he’ll grow out of it. Babyfat is common to carry and will disappear as he gets older.

Tis possible for his thoughts to happen, but that’s all happenstance. I’m concerned considering his father’s side and so is his mother.

In the end, I believe we’ll still be working on getting him more active and making better food choices. It’ll be hard because he’s bull-headed and doesn’t acclimate to change well. Wish us luck.

I know I wanted to dig my head into a pillow and disappear into my own world when I came home to the disarray. I just wanted to come home, listen to some music, post in my blogs, and go to bed. But sometimes life gives you a better mission to tackle as well. And it’s all up to you to determine whether you’ll help tackle it.

As far as I’m concerned, if mother is full-force then I’m gonna be there to back her up. Whether the beau feels the same or no.

FYI: The beau did later say that he may not be able to empathize very well considering he’s got a great metabolism. And I will back that considering the amount of carbs the boy takes in. He lives off of potatoes. So I will give him that.