Today was a good day. I haven’t had this much “self-pleasure” in a long time and it felt good. TJ was very happy that I was finally spending time at home on an off-day versus having some kind of plans.

This is her during our first walk of the morning. She was so excited. Jumping around maniacally with that crazy-eyed look she gets when she’s super-excited. Just fills this warm spot in my heart.

I ended up having the best sleep I’ve had in a while, getting up at about 10:30 or so. Then had breakfast and messed around on the computer in our bedroom while the roomie was putting her boys through home-schooling in the living area (where my comp setup is).

I think I’ve mentioned before, the beau has McAfee setup on our bedroom computer and somehow someway it makes accessing Blogger and Google Reader pretty much unaccessible. Has something to do with cookies but I have limited knowledge of comps in that sense and the beau has no clue as to how to fix it so I can access them on it.

I tried the google troubleshooting suggestions but they didn’t work. At the logins for them both, they just keep rebooting on a never-ending cycle. If anyone has any tips as to how to fix it let me know, or give me a shout at my email.

So, I didn’t to catch up on very many blog posts, as sitting in the same room as her trying to teach her two spoiled boys gets me frustrated at times. So many things I’d like to change with how they’re being raised but it’s not my choice in the matter.

I was needing to go grocery shopping anyway, so I decide that since it’s my day off I should get out and enjoy myself.

One thing I had really wanted to do was head out to my favorite second-hand store and see what treasures I could find. I ended up picking up three new shirts. A cute vintage raglan, a lightweight hollister striped polo, and this sweet little number. Yes, I’m a stereotypical gay boy when it comes to clothes…I may not get to do it much, but it’s soooo nice.

I saw it on the rack and my first thought was….okay. I’m usually not much for vnecks because I’m so small that they tend make me look like a boy wearing their dad’s clothes. I decided to try it on anyway and I thought it was just so fricken cute. Very 70s with the fuzzy collar and striping. I also ended up picking up a tshirt at American Eagle in the mall.

I haven’t been out shopping in ages and I love these times to myself, very calming for me. Alot of friends I talk to just can’t seem to get out and do things without someone else. One co-worker commented that she feels awkward and like everything feels there’s something wrong with her if she’s eating out or doing things alone.

It’s completely different for me. When I get out and have a quiet lunch to myself, spend an afternoon shopping or checking out guys at the mall… I consider it a personal “me time” and it really rebuilds my mental processes and fortitude. It’s like all my tensions release during that time. It was nice.

Btw if anyone does any shopping at Guess, let me know how you can afford it. They have some cute stuff, but man I never knew they were THAT expensive.

To finish off an otherwise perfect day, the beau and I decided to take advantage of a couple of free movie tickets I won during a promotional event at work.

We went to the cinema at the mall and decided to eat dinner there. I was a bad, bad boy and fell prey to the smell coming from the steakery-hoagie place. I ended up getting a grilled buffalo-chicken sub with cheese/bacon fries (with ranch). Just typing it makes me immensely guilty but omigosh, if I cheat on my diet, let it always taste like this meal did. It was godly. A sweet nectar of goodness. I probably had about a full days worth of calories in that mess but it was my day and by gosh it was darn good!

By unanimous vote (and by unanimous, I mean me), we decided to see Hairspray.

Omigosh, it was so good! There wasn’t a dead moment in the movie. My eyes were opened so wide as every shot had so much to see and take in. Each member of the ensemble pulled their own weight and took hold of every scene they were in, making it the best it could be.

I’m NOT a Travolta fan at all but he did really well with the part of Edna Turnblad. Nikki Blonsky was fun and charismatic as Tracy. James Marsden surprised me with how much I enjoyed him playing Corny Collins. Amanda Bynes was brilliantly clueless as Penny. Zac Efron was adorable as always and gave me a go at his honesty, lucky girl geting to kiss him at the end. Queen Latifah was effortlessly flawless. Just wow. This is a definite see in the theatre and own at home (along with the original of course).

VERY good day for me and much needed. Turned out a lot better than I had planned.

Too bad the laundry had to suffer, but hey it’s either it or me. Night all 😀