This weekend was such a whirlwind of events. Unusual in my world for the most part but the beau has recovered well from his back surgery and is back to doing some of the extracurriculars he enjoys. And since we haven’t been out and actually done anything fun-wise in a while, this was quite the change.

Helped out with the beau’s high school football team after I got off work. He basically runs all the speaker systems and upkeep of the electronics. I’m there to make sure he doesn’t overstress his back again, but I’ve enjoyed coming out on the Friday home games and helping. And by gosh, I learned a little bit about football these five years doing it as well.

Saturday was all about getting on the lake. Because of the beau’s back issues we haven’t been able to utilize our boat as much this summer as we had liked to….well, we really haven’t used it at all. So this was the perfect day to get it out of our systems. Come to think of it, I should’ve had the beau take a picture of me for the blog but I wasn’t really thinking about it then.

I had a real good time even through the heat. I’m not a swimmer, so getting out in the lake isn’t one of my first options. Well, it’s not that I can’t swim. I can. Took classes in it and can demonstrate different strokes. It’s just that I don’t float or tread water well at all. A lot of work for little, skinny me.

Even TJ went with us and she was totally excited to be out and about. She was more adventurous than previous times. Running up and down the boat and peering out the sides. Standing on edges and climbing up the windshield to reach the beau as he was piloting the boat.

She’s too cute. When we’d get up to faster speeds and the winds would pick up, she’d run underneath the steering area to hide. She hates not being close to either of us, so while she’s there she would stare longingly at us as if saying ” I so want to be with you!”

The picture above is after the beau first got in the water and brought her in with him. As soon as she’s in, she goes straight back for the boat. It was too cute! Every ounce went into getting back to the boat. We dried her off pretty well, but even when we started moving again she began to shake so the beau’s mom (who came with us and helps us pay for the boat) covered her up in a towel.

Definitely a good weekend overall. One I’ll remember for this year. ^^