Friday night started the first steps into my much needed 2 week vacation.

I was supposed to go with the beau to his football team’s first away game but it was rainy and muggy and I’m not a happy camper when I’m getting wet. I can take the heat, cold, snow…but put me in the rain and I will crumple up in a ball and waste away.

So I didn’t go to the game and decided to hang out at the mall versus spending the evening with my roomie’s two boys asking all kinds of insanely annoying questions to drive me mad.

I ended up deciding to get a haircut and color. Yeah, how gay can I be. It sounds even more gay now that I’m typing but hey, I had a good time so whatever, lol.

Well, to be more accurate, I came in for a haircut and got talked into a color and highlights. Yeah, even more points added to the gay meter.

There was a little salon that I used to frequent a while ago and decided to search it out. Later finding out that it had closed and was now replaced by a cigar/cigarette specialty shop.

As it was rainy and I didn’t feel like getting out and driving around the city looking for another salon I knew about I decided to search around and see if there was any more salons I may want to consider while I was here. I found this one place, but they decided they were taking their last client at 630pm on a Saturday evening. That was a bit odd hearing since most places tend to want to stay open later to, you know, make money.

I found this modern little place hidden away. Had a great experience and the little gay boy that did my hair was adorable and very into his work. I decided I was open to options as long as I kept the basic length in my bangs. I’ll definitely be back to him for my cuts. I haven’t had a personal stylist in a long time, it’ll be nice again.

So here it is. I’m enjoying it, very different and fun. You like?