Here it is, my third official day on vacation and I haven’t really done much other than go to the gym, catch up on television that I’ve been missing, played my games, and eat.

I’m getting really ansy to get out and do something, anything. Right now it isn’t possible as the middle of the month has hit (like it does every 30 days or so) and we’ve finished paying our largest car payment and rent which leaves us with just about nil in extra cash until the beau’s payday on Friday.

I think the beau has noticed this as well, because he surprised me during a phone call earlier. Since I’m the accountant, he asked me if I could look over our money for the next couple of weeks and see if we can afford to go out of town this weekend.

When he arrives home, I do this deed and see that it is entirely possibly we could make a small trip considering we don’t go pimping or throwing bills outside our hotel room window.

I figure he had something planned when he mentioned it during our prior conversation, but true to his personality it was just a thought and so now everything is left up to me to decide.

Now, making a decision for myself is pretty darn easy but hoping it’ll be something he cares to do as well usually ends up being a frustrating process. I usually end up making him tell me what things he’s interested in and then make my choice from there.

So this leads me into trying to put together an idea of where I want to go, and what “I” would like to do while there.

We’re constricting the trip to around a 4hr drive. Nashville and Atlanta are both good choices for a getaway. I just have to narrow it down.

I’m leaning toward Nashville as I’ve always been through the city and haven’t actually experienced anything. So here’s my question to you all. I’m going to be doing my research anyway, but I would like your feedback on where I should go and what I should do. I have a general idea of what I want so here we go, (also, right now I’m only assuming it’s going to be a one day trip…but I’m going to push for an overnight):

1. I’m kinda interested in seeing Graceland (of course), but for those who’ve been there…is it worth the hype? Interesting stuff even for a person who isn’t really big on Elvis, but can enjoy the estate for other reasons?

2. Historic or Noteworthy places of interest I might be able to see?

3. I always like to visit a mall in areas I visit…so what’s the best mall to go to? I’m not partial on stumbling into malls or neighborhoods that are the wrong end of town. Hate feeling uncomfortable in areas I’m not familiar.

4. The gay nightlight. I definitely want to hit a club if I can convince the beau. Since it’s going to be a one-night deal at the least I want to be sure I pick a fun experience. I can pull up lists of bars all day but I won’t be able to know the crowds, atmosphere, parts of town, etc. It’ll probably be a Saturday night and I’m good for two types of places. 1) A younger atmosphere type club. Pop-oriented dance music (light on r&b/hiphop), just a young fresh fun feel. 2) Friendly open-atmosphere pub type of bar. Sit down, have conversations and just lay back.

I appreciate any help and insight as I start my search for the beginnings of my mini vacation away.