I salute you, Mr. Waffle House cook! For keeping up with the orders of every single patron in the building. Cooking eggs, frying patties, making waffles and crisping those endless piles of hashbrowns.

Seriously, I’m not a fan of Waffle House. But it’s been kind of a tradition this year with the beau to head on over to the local one after we finish tearing down the sound systems and equipment for the football games.

For some reason, he seems to enjoy the sub-par foods but I’ll give him his wanted rewards because he deserves it after working so hard throughout the day.

But I do have to give kudos to the cook who always seems to be there every Friday night after the game. It’s just him keeping up the orders for 4-6 waitresses. There’s no order slips or computer screens to remind him of what the orders are. He gets a verbal list, repeats in and then moves on his way. I swear, the boy multi-tasked these multiple item-orders like they were nothing.

When I was waiting tables at a local restaurant chain, there were 3 cooks doing the job this guy was.

I hope they’re paying him decently because he was fun to watch; making omelettes, getting every fried egg correct, while still buttering the toast and dressing those burgers.

We need more hard workers like yourself making our food.