Has it really been that long?

Sadly it has and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been in weird place this last week or so and it was just odd. That’s all I can say to describe it really.

I want to say it was that lack of responsibility during vacation time that got me behind. Then of course when the material for the blog started to back up and the potential for one HUGE post or multiple posts became apparent the procrastinator took over in me. I don’t possibly have time for that big of a post.

Well, fresh from my vacation time and three days back into my workplace is where I’m picking up.

A quick synopsis of how my Nashville trip the weekend before last went:

– We arrived in Nashville about 5pm and made a stop in the Opry Mills mall. We walked around, ogled cute Nashvillian guys and did a lot shopping in the branch of my store that resides there. It was all for the beau this time around. He’s always complaining about not having any clothes and that’s because I can never drag him into a shopping situation on a regular basis because I don’t make it a point to have to return something. He couldn’t get away from it this weekend. Score, everything we got was for him. It tickled me.

– We ate at the local TGI Fridays in the mall and had this really cute and personable gay boi wait on us. It was his 3rd day and he missed up a few things. For one bringing my beau a Bahama Mama instead of a Cape Cod, his pre-meal salad was late, and he had to eat half his meal without a second drink…but,you know … the kid handled it with grace and like I said, he was super personable and fun. So it made it all okay, fun AND memorable.

– We left the mall and quickly found ourselves a decently priced hotel room. Normally I’d have one already pre-planned but keeping in the spirit of this being an impromptu trip I figured we’d just let it all out. After setting the room up, we head out to a club I had found and heard good remarks about. I thought it had a great, young feel.

We didn’t get to stay very long as the beau was super tired from the drive. We’d only been there maybe 2hrs tops. I wasn’t too excited about that but then I shrugged it off and said, hey I’m on vacation…otherwise I wouldn’t have been there in the first place. He also promised we’d make a trip back with rest time planned in so that made it all better for me.

– The next day we make a trip to downtown and proceed to make a 4 hour-ish trek looking at all statues, dedications, plaques, state buildings, etc. It was alright. This part was more for the beau since he enjoys this type of thing and he indulged me in mine the night before.

For lunch we partook a great little Italian place and I had a nice duo plate of lasagna and a grilled chicken parmesan. It was splendid, but of course it was heavy and I couldn’t finish it all.

The rough part of the time was that by the end of our excursion my foot had begun to really hurt. We were almost to the car, and I’d began to limp pretty badly. The right side of my right foot kept having a shooting pain and was making it hard to place my foot flat. I’d ended up tip-toeing that foot also making the rest of that leg, especially my calf, work extra hard.

On the way back hom that weekend, we managed to put away about 7 chapters of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. I’ve already read the book, but am trying to get the beau through it so that we can finally get to the final book. I’ve been very nice and haven’t read it yet so that we can finish the series together. So no spoilers!

So this ends part 1 of my catch- up!