My second vacation week was very relaxed. The first week was almost depressing for me. I wanted to have my hands in something. I couldn’t deal with not having anything to do, and that definitely showed in my depressive post just before my break here. Kind of work withdrawal. I’m kind of glad I wrote that, it really shows some things I’m usually afraid to talk about.

So the second week flew by like a hurricane. After coming back from our trip to Nashville, I was much more laid-back and just enjoyed that silent symphony of not having a darn thing to do and still getting paid for it.

What I did mainly was catch up on my Final Fantasy XI playing. Anyone who plays video games will have at least a general idea of what the Final Fantasy series is and XI is the online version of their game. I finally got my Beastmaster to 65 and am super excited about that, means my Maat fight will be coming in a few levels. This probably didn’t make sense to many of you and that’s alright. That’s a silent accomplishment for me and I like to remember it. If you’d like to hear more about my XI character just let me know ^^.

This next weekend we decided to take a Saturday trip to Cades Cover, over and around the Smoky Mtns. It was super beautiful. The traffic was annoying at times but overall it was fun and we managed another 5 or so chapters of HBP.

My foot had still been bothering me through this time and walking had become more of a chore than it should have been. At this point the pain has been kind of chronic and I’m starting to think something more than just impromptu pain may be going on.

Sunday, there’s a day off and I relax and everything is cool for my first day back to work after a very relaxing two weeks off.