It’s really funny how things work out sometimes.

As you all know, currently my beau and I are sharing a 3BR house with a friend and her two boys. It belongs to a friend of the roommate’s and he’s turned out to be a bigger hindrance than originally we had planned. Complaining if the grass is a little overgrown or if there’s more vehicles in the driveway than he would like to be there. We know it’s his right to oversee things, but the beau and I came into this situation thinking he was an “easygoing” guy (per the roomie). And he’s even surprised her.

During this last “warning” (which is the first), the Gods would have it that a friend/co-worker of my beau’s has a ranch house to rent-to-own and wants to fill before the winter comes. This wasn’t just a happenstance, the co-worker actually seeked my beau out and asked him about it. The beau wasn’t so sure about it upon seeing some pictures, but with the freshly drawn image of having to move his precious old Ford truck because the landlord thinks it’s “been sitting there for weeks and needs to be gone”… decided to ask me if I wanted to take a look at the place, and I said sure. I’m not thrilled with the idea of moving again, nor moving again AND sharing a space with kids again. But I was open.

We went out there and let me tell you it was like the Goddess was whispering in my ear. It’s a decent size rancher house. We only got to see the outside for now as the beau didn’t have a key yet.

There’s a long wrap-around COVERED porch around the front door. Nice and secluded in location with trees all around and plenty of lush greenery. Lots of open area and I could just ENVISION making myself an outdoor space at the northface of the yard. It makes me giddy, teary, and almost nervous at the same time. Standing on the deck and looking out at all the nature just FELT right. Like this was where I was meant to be.

My empathetic side tends to get the best of me at times and if the beau knew how desperately I want the place now for that alone he would snap it up in a heartbeat. But we haven’t seen the inside yet…so, I explained how I really do like it (which is much more than what I gave for the place we’re currently in), which surprised and pleased him.

There’s only a couple of things from the outside that seem to be fixer-uppers but they’re very easy to fix. There’s an overgrowth of ivy around the front steps and the wood for the steps needs to be replaced.

Tomorrow hopefully the beau will be able to pick up a key and be able to take a look at the place itself. Right now I am REALLY hoping this place works out for all because it really feels right to me. *crossing fingers* Wish me luck!