Today was a pretty decent day. Work was stressful, big shipments and I’ve spent eons working in the Men’s department. I literally could feel the stress on my body today. Not that I’m overexerting myself, just pushing myself to some limits to which I’ve predisposed myself. I’m not totally sure I’ll make it through holiday unscathed and in one mental piece but I’ll make it. I practiced centering myself thoughout the day and especially on the way home. I hate leaving without the feeling of completion, and I didn’t get done what I wanted today.

The high point of the day was taking the roomie and her boys out to see the actual insides of the house and see how it played out with her. She was very highspirited and enthusiastic about the move and if anything we may be moving by month’s end. Her workload is going to be increasing around December through January and if we’re doing it she wants it to be soon.

Exciting and scary at the same time, considering we just moved to this place in April. But there is also a great concensus that we all feel more comfortable with this place. I was smitten and comfortable from the beginning, even before seeing the inside. The beau has the same feeling as I and the roomie feels very good and comfortable with the place and the possibilities it has. She mentioned that she has never felt comfortable yet in our current place, which is the same way the beau and I feel. Really we’ve had our worst feuds (and really our only, heck we almost separated ways here, which has never happened before) in this place. I won’t be sad to see it go.

The new place is going to be more expensive but hopefully in the end it’ll be all worth it. I think it will. So at this point it’s pretty much a definite. I might as well start packing and tying up the ends here on this place.

It’ll be nice.