I know, I know, it’s been quite a while since I posted. I’m going to ignore the whole catching up phase of blogging. Although I will say the beau has not made much progress in settling the deal on the house. Supposedly him and and the owner are going out to see the place tomorrow (which I’ve heard multiple times lately) and determine the work that needs to be done and for what price we’ll be renting the place.

Work has been extremely frantic, in fact at times I’ve felt I’m going to tear my hair out, cry and go crazy all at the same time. Being the sole moves coordinator for seven departments during holday AND peak time for book and inventory changes can be extremely stressful. So I helped myself to a bit of meditation and a tad of drink today. Part of me thinks I need to get out now, the other says just bust through this and it’ll lighten up after holiday. We’ll see how well I hold up.

TJ went through quite a life-changing ordeal in that she hurt her back right knee jumping off the porch a week or so ago. We took her to the vet and it seems it’s a heriditary thing in her dacschund (sp?) lineage. She’s going to be fighting problems with her knees and leg joints for the rest of her life. It’s so sad to see her hobbling around, not using her back leg. Makes me feel like I’ve failed her somewhat…but according to the vet it’s nothing I could’ve prevented. It had to happen sometime. Now it’s just an ordeal keeping her from dancing or begging. Anything against what we’ve taught her formerlly to keep her from putting pressure on her back leg joints. I’m currently looking for some doggy steps so that she doesn’t have to leap on our bed anymore. She’s barely makeing it anymore.

There’s been a change in relationship for me personally between the roommate and her boys. She asked us to basically let her boys do as the wish and just inform her if they do anything wrong without putting in our own punishments. So that’s how I’m acting now. I’ve taken a step back and I’m not going to try to instill my values or moral values on them.. They’re good kids, but she’s a very “modern” parent…talking about things, and giving time outs. Not that her way isn’t valid, but her boys are at an age where those things don’t mean much. They’ve learned to agree to things that they’re not going to live up to get through a conversation, and to know that being neglected of certain things for a night is not too bad a thing. The biggest thing with me is that they have a certain disrespect for their mother. Don’t get me wrong, on the whole they’re great boys and awesome when in public places. But put them out of public and they know exactly how to take advantage of their mom. And that irks me to no ends. But upon her wish, she wants us to take a step back and let her discipline the kids. So I’m stepping back from “family” mode and stepping back into the “couple/mom with kids” mode I formally adopted when we first moved in together.

That’s it in a nutshell, other than the fact of my studies but I want to cover that in another post, good night and sorry for my absence!