Monday is the only time I REALLY sit down and watch television. Sure I watch a show or two on a daily basis but it’s not really a have-to, I have Tivo…I can watch things when I can. But on Mondays… yeah there’s no getting around it. Even with it recorded I have to watch this particular string of shows back to back and in their time frame. No questions or I’m disappointed.

It’s funny how one will want an escape from the real world at times. To just sit back and temporarily forget all that’s going on and dwell in the imagination. Only temporarily though, we can’t forget our responsibilities. I connect with these shows in different ways. It’s like seeing bits of my personality played our in front of my eyes.

It’s even more needed now. This is my first holiday being the sole merchandiser for the store. Normally in the past I’ve just had a couple of departments or even just one department to work with. Back in the days when we had a Lead for each department. Ah the good old days when each department had a faithful attendant 40-hrs a week. Now with all the full-time and management cuts there’s only a sole merchandiser for the whole store. Holiday is a crazy season. Getting shipped tons and tons of items for potential sale to gift-buying individuals. The inventory has been rather okay this round, just the short times between new books and new merchandise and presentations has left minute times to sell through the old (relatively speaking). Ah, the schizophrenic world of retail.

So an escape such as this is very much welcome. Every Monday is my escape day where I put nothing on my agenda after work (unless I decide to go the gym as well) and prepare my day for these shows. A night for me.

I thought about naming the shows but it’s all relative. Some may not like or get them and it could ruin the post for some, which would totally miss the meaning. If you all want to, you can guess the shows. ^^ Given what most know about me already some could probably pinpoint them all and give a reason as to why. Anyways, it’s close to bedtime. Have a good night all!

Note to self: I’ve recently found I use the word “really” quite a lot. During essay writing and blogging I find myself re-reading and editing around the multitudes of “really”‘s I use. So my apologies if I’ve missed a couple hundred.