I don’t like it when it’s cold. Having to scrape the frost off of windshields or at least having to burn gas long enough for the defrost to do it’s job. I finally decided to put away my short-sleeves and pull out my long-sleeved alternatives. I had a certain realization while doing this that I don’t have a whole lot of winter-type clothes. I’ve usually made due with a jacket and my short-sleeves. This year is different it seems.

It seems I’m much more prone to cold weather this year. I’ve already undergone my first head cold of the season and passed with flying colors. My body’s been much more sensitive to the chill and have found myself wanting to dress much warmer than I have in many years.

Hoodies and fleece (usually my mainstay), have been increasingly insufficient for me this past week. I’ve found myself wanting to invest in the things that I’ve never felt the need to browse before…heavy coats.

I don’t think it’s because it’s getting much colder than any other year previously…I’ve just felt my body changing. The beau says that an adult’s body chemistry starts to change at various points in their lifetime and I think this point in my life is one of those. Not only for the reaction to changes in the weather, but for other reasons as well. Things you were able to get away with all of sudden takes a drastic turn and leaves you “in the cold,” so to speak.

I’ve really been thinking hard about this one coat at my work. But spending over $40for an item of clothing just brings out the skinflint in me. I may just have to break down soon and do it. There’s seems to be so much more I can do with that money versus a coat i’ll only wear for a season…or with just a few outfits depending on the color.

…I long for a time when I can look at a $40 personal purchase as a drop in the bucket. Until then, the new hoodie I got a few weeks ago will suit me fine. As long as I’m not out too long.