Whether I like it or not, tomorrow is going to be the day I start back on my lifting. I went into a slump after I hurt my foot during my vacation and, like usual, I’ve found it hard to get back into the routine. But once I start again I will be back full force.

I had to bring my workout bag inside to change out my workout clothes as this is the first I’ve been to the gym when It’s been legitimately cold and had to switch from shorts to sweatpants of some kind. I purposefully planted my car keys in the side pouch of my gym bag so I don’t forget it in my haste.

I always find a great inspiration when friends or coworkers notice my efforts in the gym and I recently talked with an online friend who enjoys the fact that I work out and it’s prompted me that much further to work. My partner is great but they could care less whether I work out or not. I do enjoy the eventual comment that the work I’m doing is worthwhile and this person just made me want to work that much more.

I don’t think I’ve lost all that much of my definition. I know my chest has softened some as that is one of the hardest spots for me to gain considering how small I am. I will put some extra focus on it, my back and shoulders as they are my hard-gainers. I can’t wait actually.

I’ve added other focuses in my life as well since coming back from vacation so it will be interesting how I incorporate them as well as my workout regimine. Wish me luck out there, you’ve all been great and supportive. I appreciate that!