Tomorrow officially starts the grand move to the new place. I am super excited about all the options coming with the extra space this home will give us. I won’t be naive to the fact that finances may be tight going into this but I know we’ll get through it.

I’ve done quite a bit of packing today and will be for the next few days. Happily the packing won’t be as much as last time considering the place we’re in is kinda small and we really didn’t unpack a whole lot, the extra unimportant stuff has still ben sitting in the garage over this time. We’ll finally be able to bring the board games out again!

Being back at the gym has made me feel great! My body is reacting great to the shock and my confidence and sanity is back. It’s wonderful the effect and hour of lifting will do for stress.

Since the roomie is on a road trip to pick up her boys from their father in Wisconsin, and the beau was at work today…I was able to have a day by myself. I practically spent the day naked and loved every minute of it.

I totally would be au natural all the time if I could. It’s comforting and just…natural.

When the beau came home we went out for a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I still ate well, but had a great change from the ordinary. We then went to a local store to look for reading glasses. He got him a pair and I picked up a pair of sunglasses for my glasses. They fit so well despite my frames being oval and them being a rectangle. Much better than the clip on sunglasses I’ve been using. If I put them on too low the ends of the clips tickle my nose and I hate that.

I’m still looking for a piece of furniture to act as my new altar at the new place. I want it to feel perfect..but sadly perfect has to be within a certain price range. It’s hard working on a budget but I’ll do it. Now that I have a distinct altar area at the new place, my dresser just isn’t going to do. Here’s hoping the moves go well and all falls into line!