Today we officially started our move to the new house. While the beau was off to pick up the truck to do the moving, I slept in a tad and then cleaned the dishes. Just after I finished he popped back in with the vehicle and we went to empty the garage as the first order of business.

Having a couple and a mother with two kids in the small house that we were sharing forced us to keep alot of our packed stuff stored in the house’s single car garage. It is truly the rougher of all the rooms to move as there is a ton of stuff there. We got over 2/3rds of the whole thing done today and all the bulk stuff. We’re very proud of our progress. I’ve never seen the garage this empty since we first moved in.

We arrived at the house and a friend of the beaus was there helping the owner load up the few things of his left inside the house. They were talking about some things and I let TJ out and let her wander the area. This is the first time she’d been to the new place since we’ve had a key.

She first visited it when we were just getting a feel for whether we wanted to pursue the place or not. As soon as she found the beau and was content that he knew she was there, she went zipping all over the place. Traveling all around the house, exploring the yard and deck. When she went inside it was so cute. She checked every room and nook in the house. When she found a window she’d look through it. When there was a door, she’d go through it. It was so funny. But I think she approves.

We started to unload it all. Most of the stuff stayed inside the new garage but there were a few things of ours that we were able to pull into our new bedroom. The bedroom at the old place was quite small for us and a bit of our furniture had to live in the garage.

Here, the master bedroom is as large as our old living room and dining room combined. Plus, our walk-in closet is HUGE (my favorite thing about the house). I’m actually planning on getting an ottoman to set inside so that we can sit and dress inside. It’ll be so much more convenient!

These few things mentioned earlier found homes in various parts of our new room and it started to feel like home even more. There’s an old blue couch the beau has had for ages and we were finally about to bring it out of it’s forced retirement. Sitting in it together again felt real good. The move definitely feels right.

The house itself is 2400sq ft. compared to about 1200sq ft at the old place, we’re essentially doubling our living space. The beau and I can enjoy private time within the confines of our own space (which is really a small apartment in it’s own right), and the roomie and her kids have room to spread out and be able to do things without feeling like they’re tripping over us and everything in their path. Very nice.

The yard itself is huge as well. Lots of trees surround the property and is just beautiful. Every inch of the yard is covered with leaves and it’s a beautiful sight. The kids will have a great time in this yard and the seclusion will aid us in our sanity and love of the land. I can’t wait to be able to extend my space out onto the deck and eventually onto the northern side of the yard. It is totally set up like it was just made for me and my plans!

And finally a pic of myself taken in front of our bedroom’s bathrooms mirror. Our bathroom is the poo too. Nice large tub (might I mention I can actually soak in this tub unlike all the rinky-dink tubs I’ve experienced in all my other living environments) with sweet jet effects. dual sinks with a nice large mirror. Full-length mirrors on the back of the bedroom and closet doors. And heck, enough floor space in it that I’m planning on getting a mini-fridge to store our spirits and mixers so that the roomie and kids don’t have to work around them. I’m so super excited and wish I was already in it.

Only bad part of the day was that my knee injury showed it’s ugly head during the process. When the weather drastically changes from warm to cool rather quick, my knee will act up and feel like it’s gonna pop from the backside. Back in elementary school, I was playing basketball during phys.ed. and ended up tripping and falling straight onto my knee. It’s acting up more now than before. After my rest tonight, it’ll be fine.

But alas, we have a few more days of moving. I will have to be a bit more patient and know that by this coming Wednesday we should be sharing our new home together.